Dr. Ashish Jha On The Delta Variant Being Underestimated

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 24, 2021

With the havoc the new covid-19 strain as created around the United States of America, it is sure that the nation is either seeing a tough time currently, or it is going to see tough times soon if the vaccination rates in some countries do not rise. Unvaccinated people still exist around the country and few states that have had high vaccination rates, are now witnessing lower vaccination rates and this could lead to an outbreak none of us want anymore. hENCE Dr. Ashish Jha was seen commenting on the condition the nation is in and had a few words to share. 

Dr. Ashish Jha On The Delta Variant Being Underestimated

Brown University’s School of Public Health’s Dean was seen warning about the difficult months ahead, across the United States, due to the coronavirus, as the new report shows individuals affected with the delta variant are known to carry up to 1,000 times much more virus in their nasal passages compared to those with the original strain. As per Dr. Jha, people are underestimating how terrible this is going to get.

Dr. Ashish Jha On The Delta Variant Being Underestimated

This seems to be very tough for august and tougher for September before this turns around. Dr. Walensky the director of CDC says this is one of the most transmissible and infectious respiratory viruses we know of and have seen in her entire career of 20 years. 

Dr. Jha mentioned to CNBC that the infection rate can get worse if we were in the winters and he also predicted the delta spike could peak within less than 3 months. He adds that the cases might spike up during the month of September but states that we are far away from the peak but with 40,000 cases a day we might go substantially higher before the peak. 

The delta variant has successfully spread rapidly through the United States of America which accounts for more than 83% of the cases in the United States at the moment from 50% the week of 3rd of July as per the CDC. 

Dr. Jha mentions that there is no need for a federal mask mandate but just to make sure you are in a safe zone and not breathing the contagious virus that is spreading itself around the nation. Being safe, together, during the current times is the most cautious action we can take as a nation to curb the pandemic and continue a normal leading life. As per health officials, the delta variant is known to be the most contagious and transmissible variant among all the other strains and is known to be an extremely effective respiratory disease occurring in the nation. 

With the data information from the CDC and the number of cases that are on a rise, vaccination is a must. We must keep the rates higher than the previous numbers, always, as we can not be reliable on the virus to exit. If the virus had a choice, it would keep emerging, and as of now, that is exactly what is happening. Many versions of the virus are emerging and soon it shall be unavoidable to control, leading to a lockdown, all over again. 

Being cautious, masking up and social distancing is still recommended in many states in the US but yet many people are underestimating the power of this particular delta variant. Vaccine shots are available in and around most of the states in the US and it is known that less than half of the population in the US are unvaccinated. If we keep having our unvaccinated rates higher than the vaccinated rates, we shall surely see no end to this pandemic. 

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