Dr. Jha And Jill Biden Advise The Elderly To Receive A Booster Shot

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 12, 2022

The American educator Jill Biden and physician Ashish Jha urge older Americans to get their bivalent COVID-19 shots as soon as possible. Jill Biden said that the holiday season is going to start soon. Senior citizens should take the protection of themselves before the holidays.

First lady Dr. Jill Biden declared this news on Friday while speaking at the White House with the administration’s medical advisers and in tandem with the American Association of Retired person organization.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that don’t wait for others or don’t delay much to get vaccinated. If you are delaying, you put your life at risk. Getting an updated vaccine is the best precaution that gives protection for the holiday season.

Dr. Biden added that she got hers and urged the old citizens of America to be ready for the updated booster shot. Biden reminds the citizens about the fact that one-third of Americans are 65 and older. so she spoke about the need of updating the immunity system by taking the Bivalent COVID-19 shots.

Fauci said that they are worried about people above 50. Christmas is coming. So he said that citizens must be aware of the safety measures taken before the festival season.

More Death Are Linked With Covid 19

DR. Anthony Fauci hosted this program before his retirement from the government to remind Americans that they care about the healthy life of older citizens.

Dr. Jha And Jill Biden Advise The Elderly To Receive A Booster Shot

Jill Biden said at an event people are busy and are preparing themselves for welcoming Santa. But this is equally important as other businesses. She invited the citizens to join her and get the updated booster shots as possible.

The president and his wife Biden care for their citizens and they want to make sure of the safety of the people. This message was focused on people above 50+ years.

The CEO of the American Association of Retired Persons, Jo Ann Jenkins remarked that COVID-19 causes the majority of people who are above the age of 50. 90 percent of death of older citizens is directly linked to COVID-19.

Jenkins said that there is a high increase in flu and RSV. To resist this epidemic, we have the updated COVID-19 vaccine that significantly reduces the risk to our lives. What we need to do is take appropriate measures for safety.

The latest COVID booster has protection against the omicron variant and it reduces the intensity of other side effects of coronavirus. The bivalent shot has been given since September. She pressed the people to take the shots from the nearby hospitals and medical centers. 

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 Biden pointed out that the moments seem to be more precious after having the updated shot at the right time. Nobody wants to lose their favorites by leaving them with a deadly disease. It’s better to take shots for the holidays.

If you get it as soon as possible, you will be safer for Christmas. ‘The vaccine is free and available all over the country, she added.

Dr. Anthony Faucci explained the significance of vaccination by revealing that a high number of unvaccinated people were diagnosed with COVID-19 compared with people who were vaccinated.

He highlighted that look at the hospitalization and deaths among unvaccinated people and make a comparison with those who get vaccinated. This is the best way to understand the significance of getting bivalent COVID -19 shots.

The intensity of coronavirus is low when compared to the previous years. However, taking protection will be beneficial to our lives, especially for people who are 50 and above. The updated vaccines ensure your protection from the diagnosis of coronavirus.


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