DreamCloud Mattress Reviews- Is It Good For Side Sleepers?

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : November 12, 2020

If you are searching for genuine DreamCloud Mattress reviews, then continue reading. Everybody needs the right mattress for an energizing and restful sleep to wake up with full energy and be ready for the day. According to reports, the Global Mattress Market is expected to leap over 43 billion USD by 2024, from about 30 million USD in 2019.

Not only that, but the Global Hybrid Mattress Market is projected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 6.9% between 2020 and 23. With the rising sales and growth of the mattress industry, hybrid mattresses have started becoming more popular by the moment.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews– A Multi-Layer Bed That Includes Memory Foam

A hybrid mattress is simply a multi-layer bed that includes memory foam, latex, and more with an innerspring system. The foam layers provide softness and comfort, while the ground remains sturdy and firm.

Finding hybrid mattresses at a reasonable rate has been difficult, but an ideal solution presents itself with the DreamCloud Mattress. The DreamCloud bed is an affordable mattress, combining high comfort levels with gel-infused memory foam, cashmere blend cover, and much more.

DreamCloud Mattress Review
Product nameDreamCloud Mattress
Main BenefitsA hybrid bed, including high-quality memory foam, conventional foam, and innerspring.
PriceThe Twin mattress costs $599
The Twin XL mattress costs $699
The Full-Size Mattress costs $799
The Queen size mattress costs $899
The king-size bed costs $1099
The Cal King mattress costs $1099
Official WebsiteClick here

What is it?

DreamCloud Mattress is a hybrid bed, including high-quality memory foam, conventional foam, and innerspring. The framework and design of the model allow users to sleep comfortably in every position and form.

The individually wrapped coils adapt to your particular sleep shape to provide the ultimate comfort.

The mattress offers the unusual combination of sturdiness and softness to the sleeper, with luxe comfort layers and the cashmere top blend.

The mattress induces a blend of bounce and support. With a good 14 inches of thickness, the bed allows extra comfort layers for the best sleeping experience. It has a good firm design to it, rating 7 on the 10-point firmness scale.

About DreamCloud

DreamCloud is renowned as a growing company with its extensive range of sleep products, including pillow sets, bedsheets, bases, and more.

Its luxury hybrid mattress is widely known- DreamCloud, with its layers of memory foam, polyfoam, and pocketed coils. A newly launched bed, The DreamCloud Premier is another popular mattress, with more luxurious aspects.

It provides users with premium sleeping products at the most affordable rate. With innovative sleep science to guide the way, DreamCloud creates products with the primary concern of comfort.

Their mattresses include hand-selected and tested products to ensure users have the best experience of sleeping.

With a convenient free home set-up provided with their beds, DreamCloud is a steadily growing company with fantastic DreamCloud Mattress customer reviews and satisfaction.

dreamcloud mattress reviews 2020

How does the DreamCloud mattress feel?

The DreamCloud mattress aims to deliver comfort and firmness, with an excellent bounce to provide users with the best sleep every day.

With a firmness averaging to about 7 out of 10, the mattress is sturdy and well-built.

Though firmness highly depends on the user’s body weight, reports and tests of the mattress amount the firmness scale to 7. The bed induces a striking balance between support and relief.

With a gentle cushioning on top, and a soft cashmere cover, which marks a soft plushness above the firm layers, the mattress has induced softness with sturdiness.

The bed has a traditional innerspring, which takes the shape of the sleeper’s body position, making it easy to switch sides. With a pleasant pressure relief provided, it is a comfortable bed that provides the most fruitful and restful sleep.

Benefits of the mattress

  • It is an affordable mattress providing the utmost level of comfort.
  • It is an ideal mattress with the right balance of pressure relief, firmness, and bounce.
  • The company offers a 365-day home trial.
  • It has a comfortable soft-to-touch cover.
  • With a targeted-support coil layer, sleepers can easily change positions.
  • It induces a gel memory foam that aids in relieving particular pressure points.
  • The coil system present in the bed aid in promoting airflow throughout the mattress.
  • The company offers a free home set-up for the mattress.
  • The product comes with free additional gifts worth $399.
  • With a lifetime guarantee and an extended trial period, the mattress provides many benefits.
  • The mattress comes with special offers and at an affordable rate.
  • The renowned company has won many awards and recommendations with this mattress.

What is the DreamCloud Mattress made of?

Cover- With a soft cashmere blend cover, the DreamCloud mattress gives a plushness and softness on the top that aids users in sleeping comfortably and efficiently. Along with the cozy top, the bed is quilted with some foam.

Comfort layers- Beneath the cover is the renowned gel-infused memory foam, which provides helpful pressure relief in the tense points of the body.

As mentioned in DreamCloud Mattress review, the cooling gel included in the memory foam, the mattress is heat-retaining to offer the utmost comfort to the users. Next is found a transitional layer of polyfoam to ease the transition from the soft comfort layer to the firm coil layers below.

Support layers- This section includes the individually wrapped coils that take the shape of the sleeper to ease movement and the changing of positions. The layer induces firmness and bounce and promotes active airflow through the mattress.

Base- The high-density memory foam base forms a support system for the coils.

dreamcloud mattress topper

DreamCloud Mattress Performance

The cashmere cover, quilted with memory foam, and the multiple comfort layers of memory foam provides minimal motion transfer, absorbing movement and preventing its spread across the bed—this aids in reducing disturbances when one person changes positions or moves. The two memory foam layers help in isolating motion to aid in a deep sleep.

The layers of support and firmness provide the right balance between sturdiness, bounce, and softness. The pressure points are relieved with the two layers of memory foam that take the shape of the sleeper’s body.

This feature also reduces joint pains and aches. DreamCloud mattress is firmer than a typical memory foam bed that associates with sleeping on the mattress instead of sinking in a hug.

The mattress provides regulation and moderation in the temperature. The cashmere cover induces thermoregulating properties, helps retain excess heat, and likewise provides warmth in the winter months.

The hybrid model’s edge is supportive and sturdy to allow users to access the sleeping surface’s full-frame. The thick coil layer and the firm setting provide sturdiness to the framework of the model.

The mattress has a double-row rim of coils that further sets the edge. The surface perimeter prevents rolling off the edges of the bed with a sturdy and robust edge.

Sleepers and users of the mattress can easily change positions, with the high-quality materials that help in contouring the body.

With the comfort layers and the coil layer, the DreamCloud mattress is an excellent solution for ultimate comfort at a reasonable rate.

Awards for the DreamCloud mattress

The DreamCloud has achieved many excellent customer reviews and satisfaction, making it one of the most popular mattresses out there. With many credits and awards to its name, it forms the public’s choice for a bed, both affordable and comfortable.

The awards achieved by the DreamCloud mattress are-

  • Best Mattress for Money
  • Best Pillow Top mattress
  • Best Mattress for Heavy Sleepers.
  • Best Hybrid Mattress
  • Best Mattress for Sciatica
DreamCloud mattress customer review

Price and where to get it?

The mattress can easily be bought with the official website, to avail the best offers and deals.

The prices for various sizes differ, but all come with a free mattress protector, sheet set, and a cooling pillow worth $399.

  • The Twin mattress costs $599
  • The Twin XL mattress costs $699
  • The Full-Size Mattress costs $799
  • The Queen size mattress costs $899
  • The king-size bed costs $1099
  • The Cal King mattress costs $1099

All the mattresses come with free shipping and an optional home set-up convenience. The website offers a lifelong guarantee on the product, with a 365-day home trial.

Purchase link- https://www.dreamcloudsleep.com/mattress


To sum up DreamCloud review, the hybrid mattress comes with bonus gifts and promises high-comfort at a reasonable price. The mattress offers layers with gel-infused memory foam, polyfoam, and a coil support system.

The bed takes the shape of a sleeper to induce comfort and provide a night of restful and deep sleep. With temperature control and motion isolation, DreamCloud has many advantages.

Especially beneficial for side sleepers, the mattress promotes healthy airflow throughout its structure. The framework and layers also help in relieving tension in the particular pressure points of the body.

With a good rating on the firmness scale, the materials of the bed are high-quality and tested. DreamCloud mattress induces the balance of firmness and comfort that gives the users the best sleeping experience.

We suggest you give this product a try. With a lifetime guarantee available with the product, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

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