eCommerce Website Maintenance: A Complete Guide

Dr. Stacy Tyree | Last Updated : December 21, 2020

eCommerce has become popular recently since a majority of the world’s population is opting for online platforms for their everyday needs. The scope of the eCommerce business is higher, but it is essential to maintain the website properly. To improve your competence, it is necessary to have the best online appearance.

eCommerce Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is incomplete with updating only its layouts, but with great content, ensuring security and best marketing implementations. Here are some tricks and guidance you can follow if you are already in the field or planning to be a part of it.

Types of eCommerce Website Maintenance

1. Security Maintenance

 Ensuring the security of your website is crucial. Hackers are always on their way to crack into websites since they will get access to financial and customer details. Regular inspection of your website will help you to detect abnormalities and let you give appropriate fixations if necessary. 

The key measures of security maintenance are:

  • Website backups
  • Security patches maintenance

2. Marketing Maintenance

Refreshing your website’s appearances relevantly would invite more crowd. You can do it if you adapted the style of SEO articles, messaging, blogs, social media posts, gifs, products, emails, videos, and the like. Google Analytics services can help you to inflect your site and its properties so that you can have a clear idea of your site and its visitors. Additionally, it is possible to find out the elements with which your site works well and doesn’t. 

The major tips to follow are:

3. Storefront Maintenance

Your website also needs storefront maintenance similar to any other ordinary shop. It can help you to build up a good impression and trust in the public. 

Storefront maintenance can be obtained by;

  • Changes with Products
  • Promotions and price changes

eCommerce Maintenance Cost

Well, the maintenance of your website requires finance as well. You spend money on your business according to its size. The total money you spend on maintenance determines every aspect of the podium you chose. 

The components and their average costs for a small eCommerce website, who sell around $4k-$50k per year are listed below,

  • Hosting costs-$11.95
  • Domain registration and renewal costs-$1.25 per month 
  • Backups and migrations -free of cost according to the podium you chose
  • security – free of cost
  • Additional site plugins-$10
  • SSL certificates- free of cost

 The medium-sized platform which sells around $10k-$120k per year will have the expenses like,

  •  Hosting costs-$19.95
  • Domain registration and renewal costs-$1.25 per month 
  • Backups and migrations – $7.40
  • security -$17
  • Additional site plugins-$20
  • SSL certificates- free of cost

The requirement for a large company, which sells between $40k-%500k will go like,

  • Hosting costs-$200
  • Domain registration and renewal costs-$1.25 per month 
  • Backups and migrations -free of cost according to the podium you chose
  • security – $25
  • Additional site plugins-$40
  • SSL certificates- free of cost

Major eCommerce Maintenance Options

There are a lot of options for you to maintain your eCommerce platform. Go through our article to find out the best elements of a kibocode. According to your business, you can do it yourself and give the task to a freelancer or a team.

  • Hire freelancers

If your team may not be equipped enough to bring changes. In that case, you can opt for an expert freelancer who can understand your requirements best and act accordingly.

  • Hire a team of consultants

            You may have your own web maintenance team, but you need to upgrade their potential     

             or you can hire a better team that has a better outlook for updates.

  • Depend on your in-house marketing team

You can seek the help of your in-house marketing team for the task. However, the team is supposed to be given its prime concern to maintenance. Ensure that they post contents following their daily actions.

Proper maintenance of your website will reward you a lot other than bringing you an improved profit like reduced cart abandonment and a better user experience. It always feels like it is difficult to maintain an eCommerce website.

But it is not as complex as it seems. It is significant to update and maintain your site consistently for better user experience and sales. Google ranking is also crucial to decide whether your site is worthy to visit or not. so, facilitate your site with proper maintenance repeatedly. 

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