Exercise For Those Working For Prolonged Hours

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 31, 2021

The year 2020 saw the spread of coronavirus literally in every nook and corner of countries spread across the entire globe. In order to control this pandemic mostly all countries passed the order of ‘lock-down’ of the entire nation. This lock-down period gave rise to virtual classes and  work-from-home culture, thus making almost everyone glued to screens of their laptops or mobiles. That’s why  many people are experiencing today more pain in their neck and backache. Being in a sitting position in a chair for  long hours, with back slouched and neck bent, is just not good for health.

Exercise For Those Working For Prolonged Hours

It’s a good habit to remain in motion throughout the day. Doctors recommend putting in the schedule a quick stretching routine more than a few times during the day.

Otherwise, all people get caught up in what they’re doing and forget to listen to what their  body says. Ideally, one should get up from the chair every hour – even stretching a little bit every once in a while helps in easing the discomfort produced in the body due to strenuous hours of work while sitting in the same position for too long.

Exercise For Those Working For Prolonged Hours

Excessive use of computers gives rise to  neck pain, experts say. This means the large numbers of folks working remotely are  more  prone to stiffness and aches.

Nowadays neck pain is considered as the second most common musculoskeletal disorder. But there are many ways to deal with this chronic pain from computer overload and thus start feeling better.

Some doctors have prepared this stretch routine consisting of circular motions to help fight any stiffness arising from too much sedentary screen time. The doctors recommend  some simple exercises that address different parts of the body, thus  relieving tension and stiffness and making one feel relaxed  again.

Slouching down of  the shoulders is very common while working at a computer.

Arm circles help to get rid of shoulder stiffness and will improve blood circulation after sitting down for a while. This move  also works greatly for the back. With this circular movement, back is stretched  as well as  shoulders too while getting in a quick arm workout simultaneously.

Begin by standing up with one’s arms extended out to both the sides.

Begin by moving one’s arms in small circular motion, building up much larger movements.

Continue making bigger circles, ensure that one feels this stretch in the arms, back and shoulders.

After ten seconds, then reverse this motion, making more wider circles.

Wrist circles

For those typing all day causes more stiffness in one’s hands and wrists, which too many people wouldn’t even think about addressing this pain.

The wrist circles will help one’s wrists stay more flexible. Doing this exercise before some strength training exercises like weight lifting or push ups prevents injury. This exercise is very essential for keeping one’s wrists strong for the whole day.

Bend one’s elbows and put one’s wrists in front of them.

Start rotating one’s wrists in a direction for around 10 seconds then switch to another direction.

One can move their wrists simultaneously. Or can focus on one wrist at a time if one likes.

Hip circles

The hip circles would be putting one’s core in motion and also stretching one’s back and the hips. This is one of the perfect exercises for combating full body stiffness.

Start by standing, with one’s feet shoulder width distance and put the hands on their hips. Rotate the hips, begin with small circles.

As one gains momentum and movement make fuller circles with their hips.

So, with these exercises one will get more relief.

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