Exercising Outdoors In Hot Summer – Best Things To Follow!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 12, 2021

Nothing can match the workout in the fresh air and in the scenery. When the temperature rises high, working out outside becomes an issue.

Exercising Outdoors In Hot Summer – Best Things To Follow!

Exercising in Hot and humid weather can lead to causing stress in your body. There are many heat-related deaths, and reportedly it has doubled over the years in the United States since 1975. US centres for disease control and Prevention has reported that some 650 people die every year because of getting exposed to extreme heat.

Exercising Outdoors In Hot Summer – Best Things To Follow!

Good to have some tips in mind while stepping outside when the temperature is soaring high.

Time of the day

Avoid exercising in the noon hour as that’s the time when the sun is super-hot. Plan your workout either early in the morning or after sunset.

Analyse your risk level

A major thing to watch out for is that you may be prone to heat-related issues if you are new to exercise. Understanding your and fitness level is also important. Heat-related illnesses include obesity, high blood pressure, mental illness, diabetes and alcohol use. The locality where you are working out also plays a major role. Heat-related deaths happen in Arizona, California, Texas and CDC. 

Dress up appropriately

It is a known fact that dark coloured clothing absorbs too much heat. Wearing light coloured and loose-fitting clothes are best to work out in the heat. Applying sunscreen before stepping out in the sun is the best. For a sunny day workout, it is best to wear fewer clothes! Having light, comfortable clothing reduces the extra stress out of your body.

Knowing the symptoms of heat distress

Heat-related illnesses include muscle cramps, nausea or vomiting, weakness, increased sweating, dizziness, visual problems and increased heart rate. If you find yourself in the middle of any of these above-mentioned symptoms, it is best to stop exercising. Drinking small portions of water is the best for instant hydration. 

Hydration is the key.

Keeping the body hydrated is best for people staying indoors and outdoors too. If you are not in the habit of drinking water, schedule an alarm for drinking water. Drinking water 15 to 20 minutes when you are out in the heat is advised. Make it a point to drink water even if you are not thirsty. If you are a person who dislikes the taste of plain water, eat fruit or gulp down a sports drink.

Nutritionists also suggest eating vegetables like cucumbers and fruits like watermelon and berries before or after a workout help us to stay hydrated. Keeping plant-based smoothies handy is the best option!

Adopting creative workout

Making a habit of taking cold showers before and after a workout de-stresses your body. Using a hydration pack instead of a shower can also be done if you don’t find time for showers. 

Find a buddy for a workout.

Buddy workout together is also the best form to monitor each other for heat distress. Even after taking necessary precautions, if you find yourself struggling in a hot day workout, having a buddy at that time will be the safest option for you.

Plan your exercise

Planning your outdoor workout on a heat day makes tedious workouts easier. Preparing a to-do list and ahead of workout mentally prepares you, and you get ample time to analyse the weather ahead of the day.

Go slow!

Even if you are comfortable working out in the heat and are well equipped to face the heat, it is best to slow down! Take short, frequent breaks in between workouts. Well trained people to suggest that when temperatures reach 32 degrees Celsius or 89.5 F, all heavy workouts, drills and combat simulations must stop.

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