Family Of 5 Escape After Plane Crashes Into Their Home In Michigan

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 6, 2021

In a shocking incident, a small plane crashed into a house outside Detroit that killed the three occupants of the plane.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s office said that the family of five that lived in the home escaped the crash as they were in another room when the incident occurred.

Family Of 5 Escape After Plane Crashes Into Their Home In Michigan

It was a lucky escape for the family as they had shortly moved out of the living room into another room before the plane crashed into their living room.

However, the pet cat died in the incident according to the family that escaped the crash. The house was engulfed in flames after the plane crashed into their home.

Family Of 5 Escape After Plane Crashes Into Their Home In Michigan

The mother said that they had moved out of the living room after arguing over which movie to watch before the plane struck the house. The home is located 40 miles west of Detroit at Lyon Township.

The house is located near the Oakland/Southwest Airport and many planes fly close to the homes in this region. The airport is just about half a mile away from the home. The Federal Aviation Administration has been informed about the crash and an inquiry is ordered into the incident.

Meanwhile, a pastor in Texas has been killed in the church by an armed person. The Lindale Police department responded to a call that a person displayed a firearm from a car’s sunroof. When authorities tried to stop the suspect’s vehicle at 7.30, the car sped away and the officers chased it for nearly 20 miles.

The car reached high speeds of over 100 mph and a tire burst during the chase which led to the car crashing into the Church property. Police identified the suspect as Mytrez Deunte Woolen aged 21. The sheriff’s office also identified the pastor from Texas as Mark Allen McWillians aged 62.

The police tried to search the nearby area to find the suspect but were unsuccessful on that night. Later in the morning, they got a call that a shooting incident had taken place in the church. When the officers went to the spot, they found the pastor killed and two others injured in gunfire.

According to the police department, the suspect managed to enter inside the church and was hiding in the bathroom. The pastor and his wife encountered him and the pastor was able to get the suspect to lie on the ground. The pastor was also armed during the incident.

However, the suspect managed to take the firearm from the pastor’s hand and shot him, killing the pastor. Apart from the pastor, two others were also injured and one had a gunshot.

The suspect then took one of the vehicles belonging to the victim and moved away. However, the vehicle was tracked and disabled as it was equipped with OnStar technology. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that he conveyed his condolences to the pastor’s family and thanked the police for catching the suspect.

Several such shooting incidents have rocked the country in recent months. The year 2020 saw more than 40000 deaths due to gun violence and it is unfortunate that our society is not able to regulate this in any manner.

Even though the US has one of the best law enforcement teams in the world, many people still need guns to protect themselves as other people are armed. In this way, everyone wants to buy arms as the other person is having weapons.

This can lead to a lot of deaths as individuals are not trained to handle weapons and they may use them on innocent victims during the confrontation. It is high time the authorities looked into curbing this menace in the country.

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