Fauci: FDA Made The Right Move By Rejecting The Booster Shots

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 23, 2021

Since the announcement of the booster doses being given out to the general population by the Biden administration, many people thought they will have to go again for the 3rd dose. Biden administration had made this announcement in early Sept and that the booster dose will be available from 20th Sept. However, in a meeting conducted on Friday with health care officers, scientists, virologists on deciding Pfizer`s booster shots it was collectively voted that the booster shot is not yet necessary for the people.

Fauci: FDA Made The Right Move By Rejecting The Booster Shots

FDA rejected the booster shots saying Pfizer did not provide enough substantial data showing the need for the same. The booster shots have been approved for people over the age of 65 after 6 months of their 2nd vaccine. The White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday stated that the FDA made the right decision in rejecting the booster shots and stated that he will support the 3rd dose in the future if there is enough evidence showing the need for it.

Fauci: FDA Made The Right Move By Rejecting The Booster Shots

He stated that there will be many confusions among the public with the Biden administration announcing the booster shots and FDA disapproving the same. However, all the health care workers have been instructed to give out booster shots only for people over the age of 65.

Many data from Israel stated that the effectiveness of the vaccine is reducing post 4 – 5 months after the 2nd dose and that booster shots are necessary. Israel supports Pfizer`s booster shots and says that this will restore the vaccine efficacy up to 95%. As per CDC till Sept 18 around 181 million American people have been fully vaccinated and 80 million people are yet to be vaccinated. It has been observed that 6,70,000 people have so far died due to the covid 19 virus in America.

Certain data shows that Johnson & Johnson and Moderna will also be releasing their booster shots in the coming weeks and submitting them to FDA for approval as well. Dr. Anthony Fauci says that this coming week we will be seeing a vaccine for the children as well. It has been observed in America that out of all the hospitalization cases 25% of the admissions are of young kids. Kids as of now are not eligible for vaccination drives.

With schools re-open there are many more cases of covid in the kids as well. CDC has instructed the school authorities to take up extra efforts in explaining the need for vaccination and masks to the kids. The schools are to sanitize their area after school hours so that kids can come back to a safe area the next day. It has been observed lately that the virus is now affecting the kids with strong immunity as well, whereas earlier it was only seen in kids with weak immunity or kids who have some chronic condition.

This has raised quite a concern with many of the parents who have asked the schools to go back to online learning wherein they feel their kids will be safe. President Joe Biden has put up more vaccination centers and has asked the people to get vaccinated. Many of the companies have asked all the companies to be fully vaccinated if they want to return to their job sites.

“Indeed” a famous employment opportunity portal has seen a 300% rise in employers looking for people who are fully vaccinated. Biden says that the only way to stop the pandemic is for every eligible person to get vaccinated at the earliest this year.

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