Fauci On The Unvaccinated People; Protests Against Mask Mandates

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 27, 2021

Dr. Fauci, the White House medical chief advisor, is frequently seen urging the Americans to get vaccinated. The United States is experiencing the fourth wave of coronavirus pandemic, after spending a long time almost COVID-19 free. Fauci said that the US is walking in the wrong direction and unless people get vaccinated, the cases will continue to rise. Speaking on CNN’s State of Union, he said that even half of the population is not fully vaccinated which is going to be a problem.

This concern comes after an outbreak of the most contagious delta variant ever in the country. Factors like relaxation in coronavirus policies of social distancing and masks, people refusing to get vaccinated, and so on contributed to the uprise. The US has seen more than 34.4 COVID-19 cases with 610,800 deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 49% of total Americans are vaccinated. 

Fauci On The Unvaccinated People; Protests Against Mask Mandates

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. of Alabama Kay Ivey, being conservatives, are asking people to understand the importance of getting vaccinated. Last week Ivey said that it was time the unvaccinated people were blamed for the pandemic, and not the vaccinated people. He said people need to have “common sense.” The CDC says that one-third of eligible people still remain unvaccinated.  

Jerome Adams, who was the surgeon general under the Trump administration has been continuously urging the CDC to amend its policy of masks. Even though no longer a surgeon general, his opinions carry quite a weight. He warned the unvaccinated people and said that they’re the ones putting at risk their freedom. He warned that more mitigation is on the way.

Fauci On The Unvaccinated People; Protests Against Mask Mandates

People masking up and kids returning back to virtual learning will be imposed because the country is spiraling out of control. He added that this was because enough people are not vaccinated. 

On one hand, officials are trying to curb the spread by asking people to get vaccinated, while on the other hand there is a section of society thinking mandating is a crime. About 100 people came out to the Iowa State Capitol to protest against the mask mandate. Trinity Health announced two weeks ago that every employee at all seven Iowa hospitals will be required to get vaccinated. If they fail to adhere to this rule, they may risk facing termination. One among several lawmakers was Republican state Rep. Jeff Shipley, who signed a letter opposing this policy. He called it a “crime against humanity.” Informed Choice Iowa’s Brei Johnson said that masks can be undone but vaccines can not, so it’s a slippery slope. 

The International Olympic Committee relaxed its mask and social distancing policies. They’ve announced that the medalists can take off their masks to smile at the cameras for a brief period. Earlier it was mandatory for the athletes to keep their masks on for the whole ceremony. The new policy requires them to remove masks when they are on their podium steps and put them back on for group photos. 

Fueled by the delta variant, the COVID-19 cases have increased 171% in the country. The death rate has increased by 19%. It seems as if the rules of getting vaccinated and if not, wearing a mask are not enough. The communication director for San Francisco, Jeff Cretan, said that with things moving this fast, what seems impossible may seem inevitable next week and no one is sure. 

Arkansas is still leading for another consecutive week as the worst-hit state. It is seeing around 56 deaths in one week. On Saturday, around 1,571 people were hospitalized after contracting COVID-19. Louisiana and Florida too are seeing an uprising in the cases with reports of around 363 and 341 cases respectively.

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