FITBAND Reviews- Is It Your Ideal Workout Partner Than Gym?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 15, 2021

FITBAND is a brand that specializes in unique resistance bands providing the same benefits as hours of the gym. Unlike the regular resistance bands, FITBAND can withstand up to 150lbs and even more. The product is made using triple-layer fabric and a mix of carabiner snare. Therefore it is an ideal exercise package for beginners as well as experts. It comes with a set of essential tools that helps you to perform a wide variety of exercises without visiting the gym. As you read further into this FITBAND review, you will be able to decide whether this product is useful for you or not.  

FITBAND Reviews: An Effective Replacement For Gym Workout!

Amid your busy life, attending the gym regularly may not always be possible. Also, the amount of time and money that you have to spend can be very expensive. Lockdowns changed the course of gym training and you are left with online tutorials to do a simple exercise.

Having one single tool to provide you with all the effects of a full-body exercise comes in the form of resistance bands by Fitband. 

And as we further discuss this product through this FITBAND review, you will get to know its benefits, pros, and cons, customer response as well as pricing strategies. Let’s see whether it is the ideal workout partner or not! 

FITBAND reviews
Product NameFITBAND
Main benefitsHelps your body to go for heavier weights without any injuries. 
CategoryHealth and Fitness
SpecificationResistance band
AvailabilityOnly Through Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is FITBAND? 

If you are looking for a simple way to have the desired body-build without hitting the gym or protein supplements, FITBAND offers you a wide choice of resistance bands.

In case if you are new to the term, a resistance band is an elastic object that facilitates increased muscle growth and better results in your workouts. 

You can easily adjust the resistance power of each band making it easy to use. Normally, most resistance bands that you see in the market provide a resistance of only 100lbs. But FITBAND with its carefully crafted design and double-layered tube provides a resistance power of 150lbs. 

The bands are coded in a variety of colours and even if you are a first-time user, you can still quickly catch up with the codes as each of them is labelled with the particular weight it provides. 

You can use this tool for any type of workouts. Be it for your arms, legs, chest, or shoulders, there is no necessity for a trainer or lifting weights. 

It also affirms providing great overall toning and stronger flexible muscles. 

With each bag of Fitband resistance bands that you buy, the company offers a limited-time discount and free international shipping. This aspect truly makes this brand stand out from the rest. 

resistance band

What are the components of FITBAND? 

Just like the common resistance band setups, Fitband also comprises the same components but are proven to be of higher quality and provide maximum results. Here’s what you can expect- 

Five Resistance Bands

FITBAND supplies you with 5 resistance bands comprising of increasing resistances from 40lbs to 150lbs. 

This helps you to easily adapt to varying fitness levels providing you double the benefits of a regular resistance band. Also, the double-layered tubes present in each band prevents overstretching as it is one of the most common reasons for the bands to break. You can change your exercise techniques as per your desire and will be receiving faster and better results. 

  • One Door Anchor: Resistance bands work best with a door anchor to enable maximum pulling. Also known as anchor attachment, you will achieve more flexibility in movement using it with resistance bands. Also, it prevents the need to frequently adjust the doors and facilitates increased resistance power.
  • Two Handles: Handles are the basic requirement to fully utilize a resistance band as it helps you to have a better and sturdy grip especially while taking higher intensity resistance. 
  • Two Ankle Straps: Ankle straps just as the name implies provide stability to your feet and legs while working out. They are commonly used for pulley machines. In appearance, it looks more like ankle-sized belts and promotes better resistance from the lower body while pulling. Ankle straps tighten and tone your lower body which includes your hips, thighs, and buttocks. You can find this tool in most Brazilian Booty Blast Workouts. 
  • One Carry Bag: Having a carry bag makes it easier to keep all your exercise tools in one place. You do not want to bands and straps to be at separate places or go missing! 
FITBAND review

FITBAND benefits

FITBAND resistance bands are a simple and effective replacement for gym workouts. These are the benefits- 

  • Helps your body to go for heavier weights without any injuries. 
  • Assists in faster calorie burn. 
  • It does not strain your joints or your body in general. 
  • It comes with comfortable handles. 
  • A quality addition to gym workouts. 
FITBAND resistance band for muscle growth

Pros and cons FITBAND resistance bands


  • Resistance up to 150lbs. 
  • Made with quality triple-layered fabric. 
  • Labeled weight values for better utilization. 
  • Easy to use and lightweight. 
  • Can be used for varied exercises. 
  •  Effective for beginners and experts. 
  • Easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Free international shipping. 


  • Just like any resistance band, incorrect usage may result in severe injury. 

FITBAND price and where to buy? 

Fitband is available at a limited time exclusive offer only on its official website. The checkout page is well encrypted ensuring safe transactions. 

The set is available in 3 different packages: 

  • 1 Bag of Resistance Bands at $39.95
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Free: Total 3 bags of resistance bands at $179.91. 
  • Buy 3 Get 2 Free: Total 5 bags of resistance bands at $269.85. 

The Buy 2 Get 1 Free package is shown as the best value on the site. Although the Fitband is equally suitable for beginners and experts, if this is your first time purchasing an exercise device, you could try out the first package. And depending upon your satisfaction with the results, you may go for the second or third set. 

The limited period offer is a great advantage for fitness freaks. The free shipping costs both nationally and internationally are also useful in these times of the pandemic when we are forced to do workouts at home. 

Your every purchase of Fitband is stated to be 100% Risk-Free and protected with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The company promises your achievement of desired results through their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by which you can be assured to trust this brand for a productive workout. 

Ensure to double-check your contact and credit card details before checkout. 

You will also have the facility to track your order. Click on their website’s Order Tracking button and fill in your information. They also offer you a 24×7 Customer Support Service in case of any queries. 

FITBAND customer reviews

It is understandable to be sceptical even after reading till here. To clear out your worries, let me provide you with a few of the customer experiences that I found about FITBAND resistance bands. 

“I kept searching for a cost-effective resistance band for weeks but couldn’t find anything I liked. I’m truly happy to come across FITBAND and I don’t think I can ever replace this product. The band material is really good and the packaging is also impressive. FITBAND has become my daily companion to the gym and I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

– Rachel, Texas. 

“If you want to strengthen your shoulders, this is the one, my friend. It’s only been a month I have been using this product and the results are insane. My body has started to tone up and I don’t even need to go to the gym and lift weights! I never believed I could find such simple and time-saving equipment. Highly recommended!”

– David, Minnesota. 

“Quarantine led me to try out exercise but since I couldn’t go to the gym, I needed something as effective as personal training. But also I didn’t have enough budget for that. Luckily Fitband made it possible. The labelled weights are a great help since I have a lot to learn and I expected intense body ache. Surprisingly, my joints didn’t hurt as much and my body is becoming leaner. Love this product!”

– Sasha, Indiana. 

FITBAND review – Final verdict 

The global pandemic made it impossible to go to the gym and personal training is quite expensive. Buying your pieces of equipment requires a ton of dollars too. 

Resistance bands in general are a great replacement for all that but a poor quality can lead to a mess. As mentioned in FITBAND review, FITBAND is manufactured using the right fabrics making it easy to handle for any individual without fear of injuries. 

It can be referred to as a complete exercise pack and the portability is a massive bonus. Weightlifting may not always be suitable for everyone but this resistance band helps you lift around 150lbs without hurting your joints. 

The availability of different price packages offers you a wider choice and free delivery services make it easily affordable for anyone. 

Achieving all the benefits of a regular gym through a quality resistance band makes FITBAND worth every penny. 

The refund policy and positive FITBAND customer reviews provide great assistance to those who want to try out this Fitband preventing the need for searching through shop after shop.  

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