Florida To Stop Reporting Daily Virus Data

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 10, 2021

The pandemic that started in 2019 is still going on in the world and has destroyed so many people and families. This deadly virus has been spreading like wildfire worldwide, and all the countries have been trying hard to control this outbreak. The countries are taking precautionary measures such as mandatory masks, sanitizers, and imposing lockdowns and guidelines.

Florida To Stop Reporting Daily Virus Data

The countries are ven getting their citizens vaccinated. Even though it’s trying this hard, it has been difficult to control the spread of the virus. This massive spreading of the virus has given the virus more opportunity to multiply and form different variants that are more dangerous than the original virus. 

Florida To Stop Reporting Daily Virus Data

Some of the countries that have this variant virus are India, the United Kingdom, and Africa. As the population is huge in these areas this has been an advantage to the virus to multiply and develop variants that can cause way more damages to humankind. The United States of Merica has been at the top of the list that has the highest number of infected cases and deaths. The current data shows that more than 3.3 crore people are infected with this deadly virus and it has caused more than 9.4 lakh deaths in the United States of America.

However, the United States has been giving its people vaccinations, which have helped people stay protected from this deadly virus. As per the reports, after getting the vaccinations, the people are safer than ever and they even started going out and started celebrating life and other events. Some of the places like parks, family gatherings, and many memorial day weekends took place. People are starting to live the life before the pandemic. People who have received both doses of vaccinations are allowed to remove their masks in public and who are partially vaccinated are yet to follow some restrictions, and people who have not received any vaccinations are advised to get their shots done as soon as possible.

As per the reports, more than a year into the pandemic the states all over the world have been reporting the infected number of people, along with the recovered number and death counts and the vaccination data on a regular basis. But since the pandemic is going now for a year and a half, the states have begun reporting the data regarding the number of infections, vaccinations, and recovery less frequently. As per the recent reports, the states of the United Nations Florida, and Alabama will no longer be reporting the new coronavirus cases and death on a daily basis as the states stated that they want to move on to the next phases of the pandemic.

CNBC reported that the change in the disclosure of virus statistics, noting that it comes amid a sharp decline in the deaths and new coronavirus cases as more people are getting vaccinated in the United States of America. In an emailed statement to CNBC, the Florida Department of Health said that it is transitioning into the next phase of the coronavirus response. They also stated that as the number of vaccinations increases and the new case positivity rate decreases, the Florida Department of Health has moved to a weekly reporting schedule.

They also mentioned that the states were transitioning out of emergency operations into a locally-led public health effort. The state also mentioned that it published its last joint vaccination weekly press release that day and said weekly updates on virus cases and vaccine distribution would remain available on Florida’s covid-19 response website. Alabama is also moved to reporting to the new reporting schedule on Monday.

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