Flowkey Reviews- Best App To Learn Piano In 2022

John Furrier | Last Updated : November 6, 2020

Learning piano can be challenging for many reasons, but this Flowkey reviews checks if Flowkey makes it otherwise. Learning a musical instrument is one of the best ways to boost intelligence. The piano is the King of musical instruments that promote brain functioning and fine motor skills.

Flowkey Reviews- The New Way To Learn Piano

Now there are numerous options to learn piano online for those who cannot find a tutor offline. It is both beneficial and restrictive in many ways. However, there are variations among online methods in terms of convenience and support as well.

So what makes Flowkey better than the rest? Who would find it most suitable? What are its attractive features compared to other online learning platforms or apps? This Flowkey review compares with alternatives and looks into purchase options and access to legitimate apps.

Flowkey Review
Product NameFlowkey
Main BenefitsStart with the basic music theory and piano lessons
CreatorJonas Gossling
CategoryPiano Learning
Price$19.99 per month
AvailabiltyOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is it?

Learning piano online is a convenient alternative for many. It offers self-paced learning, freedom to choose pieces that interest them, adequate room for experimenting with the knowledge, and less stressful. However, it does have a set of pitfalls as well.

Online learning may cause gaps in the understanding; the learner loses out on useful techniques and nuances while playing intricate pieces. Above all, a significant personal correction will not happen.

Flowkey is the latest piano learning app. It aims to make piano lessons more comfortable and more effective by rectifying online learning’s usual pitfalls while providing all its benefits.

According to Flowkey review, the app can be accessed easily through an electronic device and has training levels of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro for different learners. The app provides 1000+ song lessons to choose from and a variety of modes to learn. It is also available as Flowkey free trial and premium versions.

About the creator

Flowkey is created by renowned Youtube pianist and TEDx speaker Jonas Gossling in association with Yamaha. It was launched in 2015 and had over 4 million users. Jonas is someone who believes technology and modern learning methods open up vast opportunities for learning music.

Contrary to popular opinion, he has criticized traditional ways of learning musical instruments. He suggests that these approaches often hinder the passion and initiative a student initially has for music.

Most students find it stifling to stick to sheet music presented by their tutors instead of exploring their interests.

Flowkey is hence designed to overcome these shortcomings of traditional music learning. It provides braider options for the learner to experiment and learn songs of their own choice without sticking solely to sheet music.

How does it work?

Flowkey Review 2020

As per Flowkey reviews, it is regarded as very user-friendly and easy to setup. The app begins by asking your experience level as a piano learner and having a piano.

Further, one can sign up for the Flowkey free trial and instantly start with the basic music theory and piano lessons. It progresses from introductory courses to chords and pop piano lessons.

The app has different difficulty levels to choose from, depending on the learners’ experience. There are also choices of song categories and pieces to select, depending on their mood and interest. They also provide a variety of modes and features for the learner to experiment with more.

The app monitors learners’ progress through the MIDI connection or microphone from the electronic device being used for the classes. One can also sign up with the app through a Google account or Facebook account and try the free trial.

Different Modes & Features

The Flowkey song categories range from classical music to groovy, kids, Film & Tv, and even Asian pop. These genres are presented in attractive catalogs that also mention their difficulty levels.

Besides this, the app offers a variety of modes and features such as:

  • Slow mode helps the learner play along with a song by reducing its speed and giving a virtual view of sheet notes. The audio is not disturbed in the process and is hence more comfortable to grasp.
  • Fast mode- This mode plays a song in its original tempo for the learner to play along and learn.
  • Loop mode- It is a model that helps a learner perfect a song by learning  and practicing it on a loop
  • Wait mode- This mode uses a virtual view of sheet notes that is like a play-along version. It waits for the learner to play the note correctly before moving on further with the piece. The mode uses the microphone for detecting hand movements and gives appropriate feedback.
  • Hand selection allows the learner to familiarize themself with intricate pieces by focusing on one side first. Further on, both hands can be introduced to help a learner quickly master multiple keys and tricky notes.

These features help a beginner or intermediate-level learner learn how to play their favorite songs despite the complexities.

How Flowkey Teaches You to Play Piano?

In Flowkey, the learner can choose from difficulty levels or switch between them if interested. Finger placement, use of both hands, and introduction of complex chords are gradually brought as the difficulty levels increase.

It is primarily meant for beginners and gives room to practice and widen skills for advanced learners. It can be used with any acoustic or digital piano and keyboards. The app uses the electronic device’s microphone in which it is installed to monitor how the learner plays.

The app shows a pianist video playing a piece for a chosen sheet music and indicates the notes to be played. Therefore one learns hand placement and how to read sheet music simultaneously.

The video and audio lesson stops when the learner makes a mistake and lets you practice a piece on loop or slower tempo.

The app does not bombard beginners with music theory lessons of advanced music theories. Instead, it introduced basic theory and techniques in gradual progression.

Learning on Flowkey vs. Youtube

Several platforms allow one to learn piano online. Comparing Flowkey vs. simply piano or with Youtube helps a learner choose the best option. When we look at Flowkey vs. playground sessions or any other platform, the key benefits noticeable in reviews are:

  • It is structured and personalized based on the learners’ needs. Therefore there are no gaps in learning.
  • It is very beginner-friendly with step-by-step instructions. It also teaches the learner appropriate techniques and skills than just playing a particular piece.
  • The training is more exciting and comprehensive, with room for choice and experimenting.
  • The wait mode and slow mode help learners grasp a piece more efficiently.

On comparing with a playground sessions review or simply piano review given by users, Flowkey provides in-depth knowledge. There are theory lessons, finger techniques, and cord management introduced according to the learner’s progress.

Flowkey Customer Reviews

Is it worth the premium subscription?

There are several positive Flowkey reviews and other user reviews on its official website. They mostly point out that the Flowkey free trial and its premium version are more effective and affordable than having a tutor.

There are also tutors to use Flowkey as a co-instructor for their students. The difference between the premium and free trial is access to more comprehensive options.

The premium version has over 1000 song chords to choose from, different modes, and more in-depth theory lessons. It also has video games on music to aid learning for beginners. On the other hand, the free version only gives eight songs in total and fewer theory lessons.

How much does Flowkey cost?

The Flowkey premium version costs $19.99 per month. This gives instant access to 1000+ songs on all electronic devices and complete course material.

The official website also provides an annual subscription of $9.99 per month, mostly preferred by users.

However, for tutors and advanced level users to want a more extended period of access, they provide lifetime access for a single payment of $329.99.

How can you get hands on it?

The Flowkey app can only be accessed from its official website: https://www.flowkey.com/en. The app works across different electronic devices with Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac software.

One may find sites offering to sell cheaper Flowkey premium hack. But they are scams and unreliable. Therefore it is safer to stick with the original website for legitimate App and customer support services.

Final Verdict

According to Flowkey reviews, it is a comprehensive digital learning platform for piano enthusiasts. It gives personalized piano lessons on beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro levels with various modes.

They also provide an extensive list of songs of different moods and genres to choose from depending on their expertise. The premium version of the app also provides in-depth theory lessons and practice modes that foster effective learning.

Compared to other digital learning platforms, Flowkey seems to be more structured using audio-visual aids and in-depth. It is also reasonably priced in comparison to offline piano learning with a tutor.

The app also provides a free trial to check out if the basic features are useful for a learner. Flowkey, coming from a renowned pianist, the quality of lessons is also assured to be good.

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