God Frequency Reviews – Is It A Secret Code To Manifest Anything?

Josiah finn | Last Updated : April 15, 2021

There’s a chance your life might change once you indulge in the God Frequency program. This one of a kind program can sound bizarre and unbelievable. But the fact is it can work wonders and help you lead a successful life. 

God Frequency Reviews- Your Gateway to Successful Life!

Manifestation sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Well with the God Frequency program you will be able to manifest all that you need and much more with no trouble.

God Frequency program is designed to bring out a positive change in your life by rewiring your brain to be in sync and coordinated so that it doesn’t affect your work negatively.

Keep reading the God Frequency review as I explain to you about how it works, how beneficial it is, how much it costs, and where you can get it from.

God Frequency reviews
Program NameGod Frequency
SpecificationOnline audio program
CreatorJacob X
Main BenefitsSet of binaural waves that function to rewire your brain
Duration15 minutes
Price$37.00 (Check For Discount)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is God Frequency?

God Frequency is an online audio program that is designed with binaural beats with the help of natural theta waves. This is designed to help you manifest each of your thoughts into action within 15 minutes. 

It helps you in settling for everything better. Be it your job, relationship, romantic life, social life, and much more. With the help of the God Frequency program, you can witness your life taking a turn to everything better. 

All you need is 15 minutes of free time for three weeks to relax and listen to the audio as you keep manifesting for what you need.

The trick is to not keep thinking about what you want, but your focus should be on consciously manifesting as instructed.

It does not require you to meditate for hours or spend your money, and energy in treatments or therapies that will not give you any benefit.

God Frequency is available for download and can be instantly accessed with no waiting period for shipping as it is in digital format.

About the Creator

Jacob X who is an ex-priest created God Frequency program along with his brother who graduated as a Sound Engineer from MIT.

He had a chance to visit the Pope as part of a ceremony and found out how the higher priests and pope were hiding the secret code of Jesus that has the power to manifest anything. This was in a letter Jesus wrote. It was kept away from the world, as it shouldn’t be used for evil purposes.

After multiple trial and error, he and his brother found the exact number of sound waves that are at par with God Frequency. 

How does God Frequency work?

You need not spend hours on meditation or in counseling rooms when you have God Frequency. All you need to do is purchase the God Frequency program and download it instantly.

There is no waiting period and you can easily access God Frequency program. It is a set of binaural waves that functions to rewire your brain.

This is required to aid you to sync your right and left brain. It is a fact that one side of the brain is dominant for every human being. But if we are guided to sync both sides effectively we will be able to manifest all that we need.

This is how God Frequency works. Within 15 minutes, every day for three weeks you will be guided to sync the way your brain works.


Features of God Frequency

  • Provides you with a sound bath that is a set of binaural beats that will aid in balancing your brain at the exact frequency level you need to manifest God’s blessings.
  • The binaural beat was engineered by a secret code in the letter written by Jesus. This code is deep in many senses and complicated.
  • Recordings of the highest quality of natural sound to help you experience the “sound of God” in its whole essence.
  • It comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee. This means you need not worry about your money, as you will have it returned to you if you are unhappy with God Frequency program.
  • It is easily accessible and you can use it in your own comfortable space and time. As it is in digital form you need not worry about having to be in a certain place at a fixed time. 
  • It comes with bonuses that will be extremely insightful and guide you to a better life.
  • Helps you to be conscious mentally and spiritually thus making you holistically healthy.
  • It also helps you stay away from alcohol and drugs that could otherwise be a nuisance in your life.
  • The God Frequency program is meant for anyone who wants to better their lives. There is no limitation to who can use it.
  • Helps you get rid of you any sort of physical pain, as well as relax your muscles and mind from any stress

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What’s Included in God Frequency?

  • The primary element included in God Frequency program is the binaural beats that guide you to better function your brain. 
  • It also provides you with various techniques and tips to meditate as well as practice Yoga. This helps you to relax your muscles and feel energized.
  • God Frequency also has guidelines on how to develop your character and bring out the best of your spiritual and mental health. It helps you to develop spiritually as well as be highly conscious and aware thus making you more competent.
  • High-quality audio right from nature using advanced technology that can capture the entire essence of what could sound like Godly.

Who is God Frequency meant for?

The highlight of the program is there is no barrier in the case of God Frequency. If you are an adult looking for something but keeps failing, try God Frequency program and see your life take a turn.

Be it work struggle, trouble in your relationship, a physical ailment that just keeps you back from enjoying life, or even a carpet stain that just won’t go! With the help of God Frequency, you need not fret about what the problem is.

All you have to do is listen to the audio for 15 minutes and keep manifesting genuinely what you need.

God Frequency is meant for anyone with a desire to succeed in life and attain all their dreams.

God Frequency customer reviews

Benefits of the God Frequency Program

  • It enhances your brain functioning and helps you to make your dreams and manifestation become a reality. The beats are designed to align with your brain that helps you think and feel with clarity and thus functions in the best ways to achieve all that you dream. 
  • You have better chances of relaxing your mind and being relieved of any stress. It helps you channelize your thoughts and emotions and thus works to make you better at getting rid of negativity and filling your mind and heart with positive manifestations.
  • It also helps you in improving your life including your social, romantic, and personal life. You get to know how to communicate better and people will love your attitude and admire you for the bright and successful person you are.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee that refunds 100% of your money if you are not happy with the audio program.
  • It is easily accessible meaning that if you can listen to it anywhere you wish to as it is easily available on your PC or smartphones.

Bonuses with God Frequency

Jacob X created a unique binaural beat that will aid in enhancing your relationships and better your romantic life. It is called the LoveFrequency Binaural Beat.

When you purchase the God Frequency, you will get a bonus copy of Love Frequency which originally costs about $199. This seems like a great catch! This program helps you be aware of your emotions and guides you to channelize them positively. It could be your key to have a healthier romantic life. You will be able to manifest better communication, emotions, desires, and a lot more with your partner thanks to this audio program. It has been effective in patching up many broken relationships and specifically marriages.

God Frequency bonuses

God Frequency Customer Reviews and Complaints

The testimonials put out on their official website should be proof enough of how great and unique this program is. Many lives have been changed thanks to the God Frequency program. The reviews that are available on the internet also brief about how successful and credible the audio program is.

One trouble the program has been facing is the negative image set by the scam sites that sell duplicates of this audio program. A few people on the internet have fallen to their fraudulent activities. Hence it is important you be careful not to fall prey to such gimmicks on the internet as there is a high chance you will lose your money. It is best advised you purchase from their official website.

Is God Frequency Program Legit?

There are a few negative God Frequency reviews on the internet. But the truth is the testimonials have a different story to say.

God Frequency program has been found helpful to thousands of people and even as you read this, someone is benefitting the best out of God Frequency.

There is no scam involved and it is guaranteed your money and information will be protected and kept confidential no matter what.

How much does this cost?

At present the God Frequency program along with the bonus is up for an amazing offer. The original cost of God Frequency was something between $1000 and $1500.

At present, it is available for not even a fraction of the price. If you chose to buy it now you only have to pay $37 for God Frequency program and the bonus. This is a one-time payment and there is no further cost in the future.

You also are guaranteed a 100% refund policy for 365 days from purchase. This means you can get back your money with no questions asked, if you feel God Frequency program doesn’t work for you.

How can you get your hands on it?

God Frequency program is easily accessible on their official website. Soon after you make the purchase you will be guided to the download page where you can download God Frequency program and start using it instantly. There is no shipping as it is digitally available. 

If you are to purchase from a third party seller, chances are you might have trouble with attaining any offers or that of the money-back guarantee.

There is also a risk of being pulled into a scam and you may lose your money. Hence it is always recommended to purchase from their official website.

God Frequency Reviews – Final Verdict

For someone struggling with their lives and dreams, God Frequency could open a positive door to a better lifestyle and desires.

It helps you bring the best out of your manifestation by rewiring your brain to be efficient. It also helps you to relax your body and get rid of stress. The author did spend a couple of years before producing the final product and hence it is credible and guaranteed to work effectively.

There is no cheap hack or dirty tricks for this to function. It is not a miraculous product, but a functioning of your brain which is proven to be successful. Hence you need not worry about it being part of some cult or there being a superstitious element in it. It is a meditative program that assists you to lead a successful life.

Overall it looks like an organic and healthy way to lead a successful life. It comes with a 100% refund policy and hence your money won’t go in vain if you are unhappy with God Frequency program.

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