Good News For Americans As The Number Of Hospitalizations Are Decreasing, But They Must Adhere To The Safety Protocols.

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 12, 2021

The total number of individuals who are being hospitalized due to the coronavirus has decreased across the U.S. as the vaccination effort of America continues ramping up. Although the number of hospitalizations due to the virus is going down, some states are racing to remove the restrictions. The health officials are continuing to remain careful while doing various activities and mindful of this threat that is posed by the more contagious variants of this virus.

Good News For Americans As The Number Of Hospitalizations Are Decreasing, But They Must Adhere To The Safety Protocols.

Around 43,000 of people are hospitalized due to the coronavirus across the nation till Tuesday. This is about a third below from the peak of early January of more than 141,000 hospitalizations, as per the data from the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as analyzed by various experts. This number of coronavirus patients is the lowest since October, as per the data recorded before, there was a surge of cases due to the winter, which was overwhelming in many of the states. The increasing pace of the vaccinations has accelerated meanwhile with the about 2 million per day being administered to the people as the latest data. In some days, the number of vaccinations done increases to about more than the average figure.

Good News For Americans As The Number Of Hospitalizations Are Decreasing, But They Must Adhere To The Safety Protocols.

Tracking the Covid-19 vaccine

U.S. officials had said that they are encouraged by this improvement in the numbers, yet they must continue urging for a careful approach even if the states are loosening the restrictions. They are concerned that this virus’s more contagious variants might lead to a spike in the cases before most of the population gets vaccinated. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC Director, has reiterated in a news briefing on Wednesday that the cases, deaths and hospitalizations are still too high, and these are some somber reminders that everyone must remain vigilant. 

The stress and the worry over relaxing these rules are quite evident in some of the states, unlike Texas, which on Wednesday has officially terminated the mask mandate, thereby becoming one of the largest states to do so. The authorities in the nearby regions like Austin and Travis County and the surrounding areas have announced they will be continuing with face coverings. Even if the state is stopping it from enforcing this measure, which has prompted Ken Paxton (R), Texas Attorney General, to threaten the action with a lawsuit.

Across the various states, business owners and residents are taking various approaches to this change that is announced by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott last week. They have loosened all these restrictions on the businesses as well. Most of the stores have maintained their signs stating that masks are mandatory, while the others have signage stating that masks are encouraged by the individuals.

At an ‘All Things Kids’ toy store located in the Austin suburb of Georgetown has posted a sign that warns that everyone is welcome in the store. But discussions about the masks are not allowed in the store. Jakob Janes, a manager at ‘All Things Kids store, said that the employees have no way to enforce any mask requirement on the people when they have the right not to wear a mask after the people enforce this rule. Earlier, they had to call the police a number of times for the people who wore masks. He further added that the people wouldn’t be listening to the staff who are just. They are quite worried about the risk they are exposed to and are very unhappy with these no masks rule. They want people to wear masks to keep everyone around them safe.

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