Gorillas Of Atlanta Zoo Test Positive For Coronavirus; Doctors Spreading Misinformation About Vaccines May Lose Their License

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 16, 2021

Zoo of Atlanta has reported that at least 13 of their lowland gorillas have tested COVID-19 positive. That includes the oldest male gorilla Ozzie, who is 60 years old. The official says that the employees of the zoo noticed changes in their appetite, runny noses, and cough.

The University of Georgia’s veterinary lab sent back a test that came positive for respiratory illness. The officials of the Zoo Atlanta say that they are awaiting Iowa’s National Veterinary Services Lab’s confirmation. At the risk of complications, the zoo is treating gorillas with monoclonal antibodies.

Gorillas Of Atlanta Zoo Test Positive For Coronavirus

The officials of the zoo believe that an asymptomatic employee must have passed the virus to the gorillas. The employees are fully vaccinated and wear protective equipment.

Gorillas Of Atlanta Zoo Test Positive For Coronavirus

The surge of COVID-19 infection keeps on going higher in Arizona. The state has witnessed more than 3,000 Coronavirus cases per day and the rate of hospitalization is above 2,000.

According to the coronavirus dashboard of the Department of Health Services, the state reported around 36 deaths and 3,355 positive cases on Saturday. Among them, more than 2085 patients were hospitalized.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Arizona has witnessed more than 1.04 million positive coronavirus cases and 19,183 deaths.

Health experts believe that crowded colleges and football stadiums will overwhelm in this fall and could worsen the situation for COVID-19 to spread among unvaccinated individuals. Several football stadiums do not require people to mask up or be vaccinated. Among many other factors, the chances of people catching infection will highly depend on the location of the stadium and whether the game is indoors.

Health experts believe that the only way to manage the risk of catching an infection is to get fully vaccinated before attending any games. Most football stadiums hold a capacity of 65,000 to 100,000 people.

The University of Minnesota School of Public Health epidemiologist, Ryan Demmer said that without any question, any kind of large event like this will have many infected people present. Beth Israel Lahey Health’s chief infection prevention officer, Dr. Sharon Wright, believes that masking up and using hand sanitizer will help.

The chief health officer of Alabama believes that the Covid-19 hospitalization search may have stabilized but the state still is exposed to the crisis of overcrowding of patients in hospitals’ intensive care units.

The Alabama Department of Public Health’s head, Dr. Scott Harris, says he is grateful that even though the numbers are not great they have at least not increased. He added that intensive care units demand is shooting up. Patients requiring intensive care are being shifted to normal beds or even left in hallways as hospitals all around the face a shortage of staff and overwhelming patience.

Republican Gov Ron DeSantis is back in force for preventing mask mandates in students of Florida. He has argued that the new law of the Parents Bill of Rights shifts the authority to parents to choose whether their children should mask up in schools or not.

The parents’ attorney that challenges his ban, Charles Gallagher, wrote in a tweet that the teachers, parents, and students are back in harm’s way.

According to the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure’s new policy, any doctor who is caught spreading misinformation about vaccines of COVID-19 could have their license revoked or suspended.

The policy points out doctors’ professional and ethical responsibility towards people and that they should have patients’ best interest. It adds that doctors should only share scientific and factual information with patients.

It reads that spreading misinformation about the vaccines contradicts their responsibility, threatens public trust, and puts people at risk.

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