Grabvid Review- An Ultimate Tool To Enhance The Quality Of Your Video?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 21, 2020

Here is my Grabvid review. Have you recently started your e-business project? Does the plethora of tools, features, and changing trends of the online platform scare you away? If yes, then don’t worry, you are not alone.

E-business is in some ways pretty different than your usual businesses. There are so many issues to emphasize upon ranging from attracting visitors, getting the desired traffic that converts, having a high-quality website to impressive marketing and leads pages, interesting content, blogs, and videos, that often the people end up even more confused about from where to start.

Grabvid Review: A 100% White – Hat Video Translation Software!

However, no matter how attractive video marketing may appear but the creation process behind it can get actually cumbersome and there are significant chances of something or the other going wrong with the final output. This is why many of them first-timers, initially hesitate in using video marketing. If you are also one such person, then don’t worry because we have brought for you a dream – come – true like a surprise.

Grabvid is one amazing video creating tool that will allow you to turn your video captions into successful content. This 100% cloud-based video enhancement software has been trending even before its launch. Do you want to know more about this awesome Grabvid software too? If yes, then continue reading as in this Grabvid review, we have gathered all the important information about it!

Grabvid Review

Having informative and interesting content about your products and services is a must on your website but another thing which has turned into one powerful tool recently is the video. If you haven’t used one yet, then you are probably unaware of how easily even a single video can change the success game of your e-business, all for the better. Read Grabvid review to know more.

Product Title Grabvid
Language English
Creator Neil Napier
Main Benefits It helps to create unique video content in just a few minutes
Category Video Creating Software
Specification Video Creating Tool
Price $37.00
Official Website Click Here

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What is Grabvid?

If you are wondering what exactly makes videos a great digital marketing tool, then let us tell you that visual content as well as videos provide a much more compelling experience to the consumers in comparison to the written content.

This is because animated videos and product demos have the ability to provide more knowledge about your products and services to the consumers in general, which eventually will in turn increase the conversion rate of your business as well.

But the catch is that you should have the eye to select the right video creating software as ultimately that software will be your only tool to enhance the quality of your video. Though there is much such software in the market, In this Grabvid review, we are going to talk about this recent sensation.

Grabvid software is the right video creating software tools for you as it has the capacity to make unlimited as well as unique videos, that too within just a few minutes. Other than the basics, this tool can help you to translate effortlessly, add catchy captions, and also snatch royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation. It has too many benefits to tell by just words.

Who is the Creator of Grabvid

The mastermind behind the creation of this awesome video creating software is Neil Napier. He is a full-time Affiliate marketer who has turned almost miraculously side gigs into a full-time income source.

Other than this, he is also believed to be quite a famous businessman and many people know him for products such as AutoWebinar X, PixelModo, EmailRamp, and so on. Grabvid video creating software is another tool that every businessman can enjoy to become successful in their specific business nice thanks to him.

Creator of Grabvid Software

Features of Grabvid 2020

No matter how many Grabvid reviews you go through but as far as features and benefits of Grabvid software are concerned, you will be able to find plenty of them wherever you go. Some of the most important features are:

  • It can accept video from your computer and from any YouTube videos.
  • Grabvid has the ability to automatically transcribe your uploaded or chose video within a few minutes and also allows you to change or modify anything you desire. Grabvid software can also automatically translate and convert the transcript into any available language shortly.
  • You can translate text into subtitles, change colors, and even modify the background to create a high – impact visual with the help of Grabvid. It can even automatically extract the audio from your videos, transcribe this audio, and then convert them into auto-captions with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  • By choosing Grabvid, you will get access to a number of premium stock images as well as videos worth thousands of dollars to use in your videos.
  • Grabvid easily allows you to share your videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more, that with just a single click.
  • With Grabvid you can also control the tone and pitch of the voice – over. Multilingual voiceover is available in both males as well as female voices which will save you a lot of money and countless hours which otherwise you would have to spend on chasing an expensive voice – over artist.
  • With Grabvid, you can add attention-grabbing animated features in your video with the help of just drag and drop options. Grabvid software even allows adding cinematic – style effects in a few clicks as well. It also compromises a superb collection of fabulous fades that further adds a professional touch to your videos which will even make your audio sound good. It can also control the opacity of your videos in order to create a stunning effect and pop up the animations, making the whole thing even more attractive.
  • Grabvid software is a 100% cloud-based software, so you don’t have to worry about issues like downloading, installing, and configuration.
  • According to Grabvid review, the software also boasts of having a 100% white – hat video translation and auto-captions creation features.
  • Last but not the least, Grabvid does not violate any TOS and hence makes your account completely safe.

Grabvid system


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Pricing of Grabvid

You would be quite pleased to know that in comparison to the plethora of beneficial features that it offers, Grabvid software is very reasonably priced. The cost of Grabvid video creation software is just $37 which can be considered quite affordable than the other similar products.

Also, if you wish to create videos for commercial purposes, then you can purchase Grabvid software with extra features, at a price of $47. For getting any extra features, you need to pay an extra fee. For instance, the cost of:

  • The unlimited template club is $97.
  • Agency is $97 for 100 sub-accounts and $197 for 500 sub accounts.
  • The unlimited lite is $37.
  • The template club including around 1000 templates is $47.

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Pros and Cons Video Creating Tool

Starting with the pros, let us first talk about some of the most positive aspects of Grabvid software. They are:

  • It creates fantastic unlimited video content.
  • Has the ability to create unique video content in just a few minutes.
  • No matter even if you are one of the newbies, Grabvid software is pretty easy to use and navigate.
  • Grabvid contains a whole lot of brand – new advanced technologies which makes your experience even more comfortable.
  • The software allows the users to add voice – over in any language.
  • You will be able to create many sales engaging sales videos with the help of Grabvid software.
  • Since all of the features of Grabvid software are completely hosted and managed on the cloud, so the users don’t need to download or configure any of them.
  • The software even includes animation features which make the videos more interesting.
  • Available at a very affordable price.

In this Grabvid review, we will tell you the only con we could find of Grabvid software which is:

  • Grabvid software is an exclusive online tool and hence you can’t purchase it from any of the offline technical stores.

Grabvid software


Click Here to Access Grabvid with Extra Bonuses (Discount Applied)


Grabvid Review – The Final verdict

If you keep up with the latest trends, then you would probably be already aware of the ongoing craze of video marketing. With the progress of video marketing increasing rapidly every day, you can understand that video marketing is an important part of your business strategy, at least in the recent scenario. It is believed to be one of the most versatile as well as a profitable digital marketing tool.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of e-businesses these days have now started to use video content marketing than the regular one. As a result, recent times have been like a full-on – video revolution year for marketers.

However, creating a good, engaging, and interesting video can be a challenging task but if you want a smooth experience, then there can be no better option than Grabvid software. Offering a plethora of amazing features at a reasonable price, what else can we ask for.

We would like to conclude this Grabvid review, by recommending you to definitely give this software a genuine try as it will be worth it!


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