Health Care Officials State That People Should Plan Ahead Of Their Trip

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 6, 2021

Covid 19 virus has caused many people to panic and postpone or cancel their vacations. Among these are people with an allergy who needs to keep check of the surrounding and the food they eat as well. Even a small trigger can cause irritation to them and during such a pandemic this could be life-threatening as well if not treated at the right time.

Health Care Officials State That People Should Plan Ahead Of Their Trip

Health care officials state that people should plan ahead of their trip so that they can be safe from certain allergies. Dr. Mark Corbett from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology stated that people who have any allergy or breathing issues due to asthma are much more vulnerable to the covid 19 virus as compared to normal people.

Health Care Officials State That People Should Plan Ahead Of Their Trip

These people should have masks at all times and also maintain social distancing when they are in a public places.

Corbett stated that one should get a flu shot along with both vaccination and booster shot as flu can help asthma to become more dominant thereby causing more health issues to the person. Alternatively, the person should also carry an asthma pump everywhere they go as well as a spare pump.

Most of the pharmacies do keep the asthma pump however, during such time it is better to have more than one with yourself.

People with asthma should also stay away from fireplaces as the smoke would be bad for their lungs and could result in breathing issues. People who have asthma should never smoke and also stay away from passive smoking as it is equally bad for them. Many times it has been noted that air purifiers or room fresheners also cause irritation to the people who have asthma.

If a person is going on a nature hike they should consider allergies from different plants and should be prepared with the right lotions and medication if there is an issue. One should consult their doctor for the right medication which is required for such a trip.

Food is an essential component to check for people with allergies. During the holiday season food flows in from all directions and it becomes hard to check every food item. People with allergies would have some food items which may cause skin irritation or breathing issues as well.

Many people are said to have issues with milk or dairy products and are lactose intolerant. When such people consume any dairy products in small quantities they face breathing issues and should avoid them in the holiday season. 

Patients with allergies who are on some medication should consult their doctor before going for the vaccination or the booster shots. If there are any side effects from the vaccination, they should reach out to a health care professional and see how this can be cured. If not taken seriously this could also result in death.

As of now no death cases have been reported due to allergy issues by taking vaccination, however, many people did report some skin issues which were easily treatable once they visited the doctor.

People with asthma or allergy should never miss their medication as this would weaken their immune system and a weakened immune system can be easily attacked by the covid 19 virus and cause harm to the person. It has been recommended by the researchers that people with allergies should also sanitize their hands if they are about to eat something from the outside.

Doctors and hospitals have been put on high alert for any allergy-related cases and are to be treated with priority if some patient comes in and also needs to report to the CDC.

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