Health Matters: Eating Habits Which Will Help You In Staying Fit In The Pandemic Era

Dr. Stacy Tyree | Last Updated : March 2, 2021

Health and wellness – these two terms are inter related or rather our wellness depends on our health. And our health is totally dependent on our style of living and the food we eat. Researches carried in different parts of the world show that if we include fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains in our diet we are bound to stay fit and healthy. 

Health Matters: Eating Habits Which Will Help You In Staying Fit In The Pandemic Era

As we all know processed food, sweets, alcohol, and beverages increase trans fats  Trans fat, also known as trans-fatty acids, increases our “bad” cholesterol besides lowering our  “good” cholesterol. A diet rich in trans fat increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. But if we avoid food rich with trans fat totally and consume plant-based healthy food we can lower the risk of cancer. Besides we can also minimize the risk of other diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, etc. 

Health Matters: Eating Habits Which Will Help You In Staying Fit In The Pandemic Era

Recently, some scientists have studied a strategy which is called time-restricted feeding. As the name suggests if we follow this approach  our daily eating is carried out within a specific time . For example, we should eat our daily food within a time frame of ten to twelve hours. We will see that this habit will reduce our blood sugar level. 

Various reports based on clinical studies show that time-restricted eating habits result in weight loss too.  It also helps in reduction of high blood pressure and “bad” LDL cholesterol and thus improves longevity. 

Some other research have given reports that there is another factor which is also important in determining wellness of an individual. This factor is the body’s natural circadian rhythms affecting one’s health. For instance, some people are by nature early risers whereas others are not. Forcing early risers to eat late in the morning and making late risers to eat early morning can have detrimental effects on one’s health. Interrupting natural rhythms may affect one’s hunger, metabolism  and behavior, thus leading to increased risk of cancer and obesity. So it is evident whatever one’s lifestyle is, one should restrict himself to eight to ten hours of eating window to stay fit and healthy. 

One should also ensure that we should believe health information coming from the right source.  Advice circulating on social media platforms might not be true or  evidence-based. So consulting a physician or a registered dietician before changing one’s eating habits  is important. Incorrect style of time-restricted diet might affect one’s health adversely causing illness.

Here one question that arises in mind is whether intermittent fasting is good? 

According to metabolic expert Dr. Deborah Wexler who works as the Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Center is a metabolic expert. She is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Deborah Wexler is of the opinion that though this type of fasting has worked effectively for some but not for all. Further, she added that people should eat according to their body clock and body’s needs rather than following tips from here and there. 

Here is how one can ensure better health by following these simple ways:-

  1. Avoiding any type of sugars and refined grains. Instead, try eating fruits, beans, vegetables, whole grains,  lean proteins, lentils, and healthy fats
  2. Let the body burn the extra fat between the meals. Don’t snack in between. You should be active throughout the day and build up the muscle tone.
  3. Consider eating a simple form of food during intermittent fasting. You need to limit the hours during daytime when you are eating, and for the best effect, eat food earlier in the day 
  4. Avoid any type of snacking or eating during night time everyday. 

Dr. Stacy Tyree

Dr. Stacy tyree is an American surgeon and author. She specializes in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery. She is also known for helping morbidly obese people to lose weight. Dr. Stacy tyree owns Doctor of Medicine degree and completed a Rotating Surgical internship at St. Johns Hospital. She has written several scholars on obesity.

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