Healthier Levels Of Disease Biomarkers Are High For Vegetarians Compared To Meat-Eaters

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 11, 2021

Biomarker profile exposes the daily food diet that you eat. Vegetarians do have a healthy biomarker diet compared to non-vegetarians. This registers to all the age group of people, meat-eaters don’t have a total pure health diet as they eat the flesh of animals which is unhealthy to the human body.

Healthier Levels Of Disease Biomarkers Are High For Vegetarians Compared To Meat-Eaters

In a recent study above 166,000 UK people who are vegetarians are not affected by the intake of alcohol nor smoking. This is presented in a survey by the European congress of obesity (ECO) which was held online.

Healthier Levels Of Disease Biomarkers Are High For Vegetarians Compared To Meat-Eaters

Biomarkers may have health effects in a good way or bad way which promotes a diet consistent that prevents many diseases like; cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic conditions, etc., these diseases are used to evaluate the effects and current conditions of diet regarding health issues. Vegetarians have a healthier standard level which is in contrast to non-vegetarians.

Although, the metabolic advantages have strong shreds of evidence of vegetarians is not clear. Researchers had done recent research about the cross-sectional study which analyses the data of healthy people with an aging period between 37 and 73. This survey is done from 177,723 participants.

The final report has been published that there is no change in the diet from the past five years. This understands the concept of dietary choice which differentiates the level of harm from blood and urine diseases.

According to a huge survey which is happened this year online, 4,111 participants don’t eat meat and 166,516 participants are listed as meat-eaters. These participants are surveyed by their self-reported diet.

Among these participants, 19 people were categorized as biomarkers related to blood and urine affected with diabetes, cancer, liver, kidney functioning, joint bones, and cardiovascular diseases. Vegetarians seem to look as they are with low-density power but, they are protected from diseases and lowers the risks of chronic diseases.

After a count on potential dominant factors that includes obesity, sex, smoking, education, age, and alcohol consumption. These factors of the analysis found that vegetarians have a significantly lower level compared to non-vegetarians in 13 biomarkers.

The 13 biomarkers include cholesterol this have low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which is linked to cardiovascular diseases those are apolipoprotein A and apolipoprotein B; gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT), alanine aminotransferase (AST); liver functioning have inflammation or damage cells, insulin (growth factor)- this encourages the proliferation and growth of cancer cells from hormones; total protein, creatinine- worsens the kidney functioning, and urate.

Researchers found that vegetarians have favorable biomarkers with lower levels which include (HDL) high-density lipoprotein, calcium, and vitamin D. Moreover, notably, they also have fats with a higher level in blood. Scientists don’t find any link for sugar level in the blood nor systolic blood pressure.

Dr. Carlos passed away a statement that “Our discovery offers real food for a good thought” which describes that eating green veggies are more profitable for health that prevents you from health diseases comparing to meat-eaters who suffers from health issues like; cancer, and other heart diseases.

A vegetarian food diet consists of much Fiber, protein, and nutrients with beneficial elements. We can say that vegetarians have low disease biomarkers that prevent cell damage and other diseases compared to non-vegetarians.

As researchers had concluded that the study may be large but, it was observational that conclusions can not be decided by the effects and cause because there are several limitations for a biomarker.

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