Hiker’s Discovery Of Non-magnetic, Riveted, Hollow Mysterious Monolith

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 30, 2020

Earlier this week, it was revealed that, without authorities’ discretion, hikers and visitors had found a mysterious metal monolith in Utah.

 On Monday, data was shared by the Utah Department of Public Safety, and it was about an approximately ten-foot metal column. The monolith has four sides, and the structure was located by visitors on Red Rock Country in Utah. Later, the installation’s location was disclosed to avoid visitors from attempting to admit it. The main reason was to locate the monolith; there is a chance that visitors may get stranded in the remote location. But, David Surber was unstoppable, and On Wednesday, he started sharing images and videos of the mysterious monolith to an unverified Instagram account.

Hiker’s Discovery Of Non-magnetic, Riveted, Hollow Mysterious Monolith

The shared video tagged in Moab, Surber was titled ‘if the structure is solid or magnetic.’ He said in a clip that, ‘riveted, non-magnetic, and it is hollow.’ In the video’s caption, he even detailed the makeup of the monolith. He explained it as ‘It looks like three pieced have riveted together. But, the other two pieced are missing.’ Meantime he warned other enthusiasts that ‘even a sedan may not cut it,’ and he also suggested that ‘it can easily crossover SUV or even higher.’

Hiker’s Discovery Of Non-magnetic, Riveted, Hollow Mysterious Monolith

Surber also shared that he is not the only visitor to locate the mysterious monolith but others. He said, ‘In the morning, I watched at least for ten minutes. It was even before people started showing up and even after it was not too crowded.’

There was another video by Surber, which he shared on social media to explain his ‘awesome journey.’ Surber said, ‘I can’t comment on who built it or from where this mysterious monolith came. But I felt it was a positive escape from the current situation and today’s world. For most visitors, it is the right location to rally behind and enjoy together.’

The Utah DPSlater shared on its website about the monolith. In a statement given on Monday, they said ‘the structure or the mysterious monolith found was discovered by the Aero Bureau of DPS along with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on November 18.’

Meantime they also added a statement that ‘there was no obvious indication regarding who installed the mysterious monolith. But, we have reminded everyone that something like a monolith is illegal to install in that place. Any art or even a structure cannot be placed or installed on any public land that is federally managed without asking permission or seeking authorization. It is illegal no matter what planet it has landed or the person is from.’

Lt. Nick Street, the Utah Department of Public Safety spokesperson, told USA Today that, ‘we have estimated and 100 percent sure that, the monolith is nothing but an installation attempt by someone. Of course, now we can’t say it is an attempt since they have successfully installed it in Southeastern Utah’s Red Rock.’

The Utah Department of Public Safety on Monday announced that ‘there is an unexplained and metal monolith is found in Red Rock of Utah.’ The department announced through a statement shared on the website, ‘the structure discovered on November 18 by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Aero Bureau of DPS when they were on a mission. The mission was about to conduct a count the number of bighorn sheep inside the southeastern Utah area.’ Later, the department shared the photos, and in those, it was shown as an approximately 10-foot mysterious metal column that had four sides. Even though the surface of the monolith looks shiny, it doesn’t look like reflective.’

The statement said, ‘on the mission; the department could spot an unusual object that landed nearby for further investigation. While at work, crew members discovered the mysterious metal monolith, and it was installed in the ground. The place is a remote location on the red rock. ‘

The statement also added that ‘there is no obvious indication on the mysterious monolith’s installer, but we have to remind that such an installation is illegal. No one can install art or structure without authorization, especially on federally managed public lands irrespective of the planet you’re from.’ Lt. Nick Street also added that ‘we are sure that this is an installation of some type. We should also say that it is no more an attempt but a successful installation.’

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