To Hold-On Cancer Cells Consume Themselves

Special Correspondent | Last Updated : July 8, 2021

The new case study finds that cancer cells follow a technique to survive themselves they will eat the membranes which are surrounded by them. This is identified as a life-threatening injury, this theory is experimented and tested by the research team to know the actual process.   

To Hold-On Cancer Cells Consume Themselves

This new research focuses on the terms of cancer cells membrane, it shows the results completely and finds a new way that how cancer cells can repair themselves on damages if not kills themselves. 

According to researchers, both cancer cells and normal cells include a cell membrane which acts as a skin layer of their cells on further damage of the membrane can lead to life-threatening risks. The cells consist of fluid with a small hole at the center of the membrane. This cell floats simply and later dies, this theme can be applied practically to the water balloon with a small hole. 

The researchers show that the damaged cell membranes repair themselves instantly and the technique is named ‘macropinocytosis’. This technique is already identified as a known tool for the cells which have other contexts where it consists of cancer cells that pull towards the intact cell membrane over the damaged area.

To Hold-On Cancer Cells Consume Themselves

After pulling towards it seals the hoe with the matter within minutes. In the next process, the damaged parts which are remained from the cell membrane are separated into tiny spheres and travel to lysosomes cells to break down.

The researchers in the laboratory had found the cancer cells with damaged membranes which use small laser shoots to have holes in the center of the membrane, this process triggers the technique of macropinocytosis. On this note, this process is inhibited with small substances by blocking the generation of tiny membrane spheres. The cancer cells having the main drawback that they do not have the longer capacity to repair the damage later dies.  

Jesper Nylandsted is the lead researcher from the research center. He is known for his lead researches for many years and also investigated the theory on “how cancer cells repair their membranes?” he says that “our research provides the basic knowledge of cancer cells that how they survive. Based on our experiments we proved the process of cancer cells death”. For this, the point is directed towards the macropinocytosis, this technique is chosen as a target for inventing future treatments.

“This technique may certify as a long-term perspective, but it is fascinating,” said Jesper and his colleagues.

Researchers say that this theory is going to be a dangerous property for cancer when this disease rapidly spreads throughout the body. In case of tumor occurrence inside the new parts, this can be seen. This disease might become risky to treat as it requires extensive forms to proceed with treatment. Once the cancer cells spread into the body tissues it particularly damages the prone areas for their membranes.

On the new publishments by the researchers, they say that experiments that are conducted indicate the aggressive nature of cancer cells with the use of macropinocytosis. This is due to the opportunity taken by the cancer cells and reused for damaged membranes and then degrades to lysosomes. This process is useful for cancer cells because they require large amounts of energy and material to form the new cells.

Researchers say that the investigation and findings were incomplete. More findings are being done on “how do cancer cells protect their membranes?” this will be examined a little closer to reach all aspects of cancer cells.

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