Hospital Morgues Begin Filling As Death Count Rises In Missouri

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : July 29, 2021

The US State of Missouri is well and truly in the grip of the delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus and today has the fourth-highest number of infected people. Not only are hospital beds full, but even morgues also are full and strained to their capacity. Cox Health had to bring in additional cooling equipment to preserve the 75 patients who have died in the month of July alone.     

Hospital Morgues Begin Filling As Death Count Rises In Missouri

With one in every 360 residents of Missouri testing positive for the virus and still rising, the state’s health care system has had to fly in 200 additional nurses and respiratory therapists to cope up with the increasing load of treatment and hospitalisations across the state. Hospitalisation in Missouri has increased from 628 during the end of May 2021 to 1684 at present, an increase of 168%.

Hospital Morgues Begin Filling As Death Count Rises In Missouri

The southwestern area of Missouri which has seen the lowest rate of vaccinations has had a record 443% increase in hospitalisations due to infection from the delta variant of Covid 19. 

While Mercy Springfield is witnessing an increase in the daily number of people seeking vaccination from 150 to 250, the state of Missouri still has a lower vaccination rate of 47.4% which is less than the national average of 56.2%. The vaccination rate is much poorer among children with 36.5% in the age group of 15 to 24 years and 26.5% for children within 12-14 years old children.  

Brent Hubbard, the Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Springfield requested people to begin and continue wearing masks, reminding them of the advisory from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CEO Hubbard appreciated the fact that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable but it is better than being in a ventilator. Elsewhere in the state, St. Louis and St. Louis county have made wearing masks compulsory since Monday 26 July. 

The state of Missouri is leaving no stone unturned in its effort to stem the sudden rise of infections. While the state has announced prizes of $10000 for 900 lottery winners out of those who register for vaccination, elsewhere in the state in Jackson county, employees have been asked to show evidence of vaccination before reporting for work or be subjected to covid tests at least once a week. St Louis Mayor Tishuara O. jones expressed satisfaction with the increase in vaccinations and said it is better for families to get vaccinated rather than end up in the ICU. 

CEO Edwards of Fox Health, who flew additional health workers into the state is regretful at having to turn away infected patients for lack of space. Many such patients are having to seek treatment and hospitalisation in neighbouring states.

CEO Edwards added that the faster incubation time of the Delta variant of the Sars-COV-2 virus is responsible for a peak within 2 weeks, earlier than had been predicted. He hopes that the peak is near present levels or else the already strained infrastructure in Missouri will find it difficult to handle a greater spike. 

Healthcare facilities such as Mercy Springfield are adding new facilities including a new Covid-19 wing. Mercy Springfield took this step after they encountered 15 deaths due to the Delta variant of Covid-19 within 4 days.

The steps being taken by the state of Missouri are in the right direction. While there is a slow but steady increase in the rate of vaccinations in the state, the guidelines issued by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and prevention) for wearing masks is planned to be followed by the state of Missouri. 

Any step towards the prevention of infection is better than having to increase the capacity of morgues. 

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