Hospitals Stop Delivering Babies Amidst Staff Shortage

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 14, 2021

The hospitals in the second largest city of Iowa are restricting elective procedures as patients infected with COVID-19 keep on rising, overwhelming the hospitals.

Hospitals Stop Delivering Babies Amidst Staff Shortage

The Cedar Falls Gazette informs that both Mercy Medical Center and UnityPoint Health-St Luke’s hospital have confirmed that their facilities are restricting capacity as the rate of patients shot up in recent weeks. Since last fall, Cedar Rapid hospitals have never postponed or delayed elective surgeries.

Hospitals Stop Delivering Babies Amidst Staff Shortage

Surgeries that need a hospital stay have been limited to ten per day by St Luke.

Officials at Mercy confirmed that they are temporarily limiting elective procedure numbers that need patients to stay in the hospital after the surgery.

Omaha’s Creighton University has mandated vaccines against COVID-19 to remain enrolled and four of its students have filed a lawsuit against it.

They have put forth arguments that these mandates make them feel violated. The lawsuit that was filed in Douglas County District Court this week also says that many students have underlying medical conditions because of which they should not get vaccinated.

Omaha‘s Catholic University has mandated vaccination for all the students in August. The lawsuit also argues that students do not want to get vaccinated as the vaccines were made from aborted fetuses.

The Vatican has announced that such vaccines are only acceptable when others are not accessible. The university has refused to comment.

In Kansas City, the residents of Wyandotte County Will require to mask up in Indore public places from mid-November and aviation companies of Kansas Will likely get more than $104 million in their COVID-19 relief funds.

This mandate of masking up applies to the residents of Kansas City that are above five years of age. This mandate was imposed by Wyandotte County in August and will remain in place through 18th November. The commission of the county has voted to extend this rule by two months.

Over the mandate of vaccination, employees have started resigning and it has cost hospitals. A hospital in New York is set to halt deliveries by the end of the month because of staff shortage.

During the past week, Lewis County General Hospital has seen six resignations from its maternity staff members. This has worsened the already severe situation of staff shortage. The officials also said that they have 7 employees who remain unvaccinated and they are expecting their resignation.

At a news conference, Gerald Cayer, the Chief Executive, said that they’ve received a lot of resignation and they are left with no choice but to stop deliveries. Cayer hopes that the Department of Health of the state will take measures that will just pause the deliveries and not completely stop them.

If rather than being vaccinated staff members choose to resign, many such services will have to pause. Authorities said that the vaccination deadline is September 27.

Since the announcement of vaccine mandates, around thirty workers have resigned, said Cayer. Most of the workers were technicians, nurses, and therapists. Cayer said that the other thirty members have received at least one vaccine shot.

Cayer said that because of the mandate, important health services aren’t at risk. He added that the mandate makes sure that their facilities are not transmitting the virus and they can not be held responsible.

Protesting against vaccination mandates and restrictions isn’t limited to the US. In Istanbul, thousands of people protested against restrictions due to COVID-19. Unmasked crowds were seen in an open space in Maltepe, with placards saying they are born free and they want to live free.

Turkey has continued mask mandates in public spaces after their lockdowns reopened. They have witnessed a continuous rise in cases of infections and deaths. The number has shot up from 5,000 to 20,000.

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