Hostage Situation In Salem: Multiple People Dead

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 30, 2020

It was following an incident where an officer-involved shooting on Monday at an east Salem residence, and it is reported that multiple people died.

Hostage situation in Salem: Multiple people dead

It is a ‘possible hostage situation’ as explained by Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies. It was about 12:30 pm, and as per officials, it was in the 200 blocks of Juneva Place SE, and the place is near Mahrt Avenue SE. The officers arrived at the home, and then Sheriff’s office negotiators started calling the individual inside. He was believed to have taken the house and members hostage. ‘Shots were fired’ announced officers since the incident unfolded. But, the incident resulted in multiple fatalities, but no deputies were injured. After the incident, deputies didn’t respond to the questions ‘how many were killed in the experience? Who killed all of them? They didn’t even give full details of the event that led to the shooting.

A spokesperson with the Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Jeremy Landers declined to offer any information regarding the individuals who were killed until the family members later noticed them. Mahrt Avenue SE was completely blocked between Roggy Court SE and Lancaster Drive SE for many hours when the investigation was going on. By 5:30 p.m., they reopened Mahrt Avenue SE, and it was reopened at Lancaster Drive only up to 40th Place SE. Officials said, “The deputies who are involved in the shooting will be under administrative leave when the shooting’s investigation is going on, and it is as per protocol outlined.” Authorities responded, “There is no need to worry since there is no threat to the community.” Now, the incident has been turned, and the Oregon State Police is called for an investigation. Meantime Salem Police will assist them in the investigation.

Three dead and one hospitalized in Salem

Deputy is on administrative leave soon after the shots in the Oregon hostage situation. As per the reports, three people are dead, and one of them was an 11-year boy, and the other was 24 years old. The incident occurred at an east Salem home, and it was in a hostage situation. Now, one of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies was assigned with administrative leave since he fired a ‘many rounds which are yet to be determined’ as per Oregon State Police officials. Even now, officials were declined to announce that ‘three were dead, but they are not sure they dead by the involved-deputy.’

It was a ‘possible hostage situation’ as per Sheriff’s Office deputies at about 12:30 p.m., and it was in 200 blocks of Juneva Place SE. Deputies arrived near home, and they insisted Sheriff’s Office negotiators to call the suspect. Later the suspect was identified as 34-year-old Jose Jesus Lopez-Tinoco from Woodburn. They started negotiating with him and attempted to resolve the situation hassle-free. Later, authorities heard some gunshots inside the home, and it made deputies enter the home forcefully. They tried to rescue victims inside the house. As per officials, ‘the deputy who entered the home to resolve the condition fired ‘yet to be determined’ several rounds.

Later they found that Lopez-Tinoco was found dead inside the home, and the death was due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. An 11-year-old boy and DiariBustos-Bustos, 24, were also dead from gunshot wounds inside the house. The Oregon State Police investigate investigation, and there is assistance by Salem Police for the investigation.

As per Tuesday-three are dead

By Tuesday’s update, three are dead in the incident, and it was following the shooting at a Salem home; and the incident was taken place on Monday. Officials were outside the house and attempted to negotiate with the suspect. But, when they heard gunshots inside the house, it made them enter the home forcefully. It was a ‘forced entry,’ and they attempted to rescue the victims, as per Oregon State Police. They later revealed that it was Deputy Ricky Kittelson who entered the house and later fired ‘yet to determine’ several rounds.

Officials said, “It was Lopez-Tinoco whom we found dead inside the house of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.” An 11-year-old boy was also dead along with DiariBustos-Bustos, 24, in the incident. But, the names of these two were not released by officials. They found Laura Rocio-Bustos, 43, inside the house with gunshot wounds and later admitted to the hospital but with serious injuries. There was a 13-year-old boy found inside the home but uninjured. Rocio-Bustosis later listed as the owner of the home present in Juneva Place. Based on public records and property, she is related to another woman who is one of the owners of the Lopez-Tinocohome in Woodburn.

Now, as per officials, deputy Kittelson has been assigned with administrative leave. The announcement is nothing but the standard procedure followed when a law-enforcement officer fires a weapon. It was not revealed by the deputies how many officers were present in the house when the incident took place. Officer Kittelson, who is now on administrative leave, is working as a deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for the last two years.

We heard gunshots: Neighbors said

One of the neighbors, Paulina Maciel, said, “My nephew and my four children were in the backyard playing when they heard gunshots from a neighbor.” “I ran to the backyard, and I bought everyone inside. Even after coming inside, I heard at least three gunshots. Later, 2 minutes after I heard gunshots, many Salem police cars rushed near the house.” Maciel said, “I was really scared. I have never seen anything like this on the street.” Maciel is living on Mahrt Avenue SE for the last thirteen years.

She said, “I don’t know anything about the family,” when asked about the family and house where the incident took place. As per police records and radio transmissions, it is indicated that the incident took place at about 1:30 p.m. and when ‘shots fired’ and heard from deputies radios. One of the deputy’s reports says, “Four children were present in the house.” The information is based on dispatch records. Responders requested multiple medics.


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