Houston Methodist Hospital Suspends 178 Health Care Workers Over Covid-19 Vaccination Refusal

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : June 12, 2021

Houston hospital is in the middle of the ruckus where hundreds of workers have been faced with suspension owing to refusal over the Covid-19 vaccination. The latest developments that ensued might lead to the workers being fired. One that stemmed from the company mandate was met with a lot of criticism through widespread protests and a massive outcry. This is especially amongst the workers who are on the brink of being terminated. Marc Boom, the CEO of Houston Methodist was quick to quip the controversy surrounding the 178 health care workers represent barely a fraction of the total employee strength of 25,000. The protesting lot roughly amounts to 1 percent of the total workforce. 

Houston Methodist Hospital Suspends 178 Health Care Workers Over Covid-19 Vaccination Refusal

Boom corroborated how the Covid-19 vaccine mandate is being followed at Houston Methodist. The hospital is strict in its compliance standards and follows them with a hundred percent efficacy. They are recognized as the very first hospital in the country to have attained their goal thus benefiting the patients in the long run. He even reported on the recipients of the first dose of the vaccine amongst the protesting lot. 27 out of the 178 employees have received their first shot and the hospital is optimistic that they will be coming in for the second dose as well. The suspension notice by Houston Methodist for the protesting employees is for two weeks. While the hospital administration is keen on firing the employees on failure to get themselves fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Houston Methodist Hospital Suspends 178 Health Care Workers Over Covid-19 Vaccination Refusal

Boom in a conversation ranted how he wished the number was zero despite there being individuals who chose to prioritize themselves over patients. The exemption on medical and religious grounds saw the number scale up to 285 employees while 332 were accorded deferrals. The primary reason cited was pregnancy and other issues. One of the employees Amanda Rivera working in the ER section clarified her version on Khou-Tv. She quipped how they were betrayed by the hospital system. Where the pandemic saw the hospital over capacitated and short staffed and it was a lot for the employees to give in everything only to be slapped in the face now. 

A recent survey by USA Today led to great revelations that state the disparity in staff vaccination amongst the public hospitals and some of the biggest hospital networks. Ranging from 51 percent to 91 percent the varying figures are of much greater concern. A whopping 36,000 employees of Indiana University Health need to be vaccinated to curb Covid-19 within September. The administration stated how the mandate was the only effective way out in protecting the entire community along with the patients. The Indiana University Health corroborated the move to get the health care staff vaccinated is nothing out of the ordinary. The upcoming school session is going to require a lot of vaccinations, especially for colleges and universities. The list also includes several key hotspot areas of the pandemic and multiple nursing homes wherein inoculation is the only fix.  

A public health specialist with the Butler University in Indianapolis, Ogbonnaya Omenka stated the Houston Methodist episode is a foreteller of the coming months. He mentioned how the implementation of the mandates from a human perspective is going to be of major help given they are the only conscious choice. The process is going to be elaborate with schools and businesses returning to pre covid level normalcy. Hence the vaccination policy in effect must be decided beforehand. Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas passed a law this Monday signing what would deny contracts to businesses if vaccinating the customers become a mandate. The state also saw the prohibition of vaccine passports. Abbott cleared the air stating how Texas is open and people have the freedom to move out and about without any restrictions.

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