Identified Rioters Of Capitol Violence Lose Their Jobs

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : January 9, 2021

As pictures of the raging crowd and riots at the Capitol Building were spreading widely on social media, some of the Trump supporters who had been involved in the riot were identified and Lost their jobs. 

The rioters managed to break into the Capitol building while both the chambers were active.

Eventually, from the pictures of the riot, many were identified and they have lost or left their jobs. A direct marketing company called Navistar in Maryland announced that one of their employees who was identified from a picture had been terminated. He was wearing his company ID badge inside the breached Capitol Building during the riot. 

Identified Rioters Of Capitol Violence Lose Their Jobs

The company’s statement said that they support all rights of their employees in the lawful and peaceful exercise of free speech. Employees in Naviszter Direct Marketing wouldn’t have any opportunity to continue with the company if any of them demonstrate dangerous conduct that endangers the health and safety of others. 

Another company named Goosehead Insurance responded in a similar way to one of their employees, Paul Davis, a Texas attorney.

He himself posted a video of him, in which he talked about his participation in the riot. From his videos, it was clear that he intended to break into the Capitol Building as he said that they are all trying to get into the Capital to stop this. 

Later, Davis posted another post in which he said that he was peacefully demonstrating in the previous video and wasn’t trying to break into the Capitol Building. He also wrote that he meant a verbal protest, not in any violent way.

Although, his company made it clear that the employee who was involved in the riot at the Capitol Building is no longer employed. Still, it is not clear that if the company terminated him or Davis himself left the company by himself. 

The Twitter account belongs to Westlake, a Texas-based company that also tweeted that the Associate General Counsel, Paul Davis is no longer employed by Goosehead.

Another person named Rick Saccone, a former Pennsylvania state representative also lost his job but his case is different. He was serving as an adjunct professor at Saint Vincent College. Saccone himself gave the resignation to this company as investigations were begun on him after he posted his pictures on his Facebook page.

Saccone said that it is better that he resigned from his 21 years long service as media may tarnish the school’s image. 

In his video, Saccone was telling that he was involved in a peaceful, first amendment of assembly. However, a senator showed up with another video which Saccone deleted from his page.

In that video, Saccone way saying that the rioters broke down the Capitol gates, macing the police and he and others were trying to run out all the people in the Capitol Building, who betrayed President Trump.

Reports show that people, especially those who are in positions of power and supported the riot, without directly involving violence also faced disciplinary actions.

Nikki Attkisson

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