Illicit Drug Markets Are Gaining Access To Powerful Drugs

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 17, 2022

A new kind of drug which is potentially and potently illicit is increasing in terms of supply. There are two dangerous drugs in the category. These drugs are prone to become a part of overdose, which can even prove fatal And Deadly for a person who intakes them. The first class of drugs is a kind of synthetic opioid called netizens. The second part is called xylazine, a type of animal tranquilizer. 

According to the data published by the health department of Tennessee, there has been a fourfold increase in the instances of overdoses in the last 2 years. No doubt the death due to the first drug category has not been reported much, but the number of deaths due to the second category of drugs has increased from 20 to 42 in 2022. 

It is emerging to be the major cause of worry because of the simple reason that just 2 years back, such incidents were not reported. This sudden shift and jump in the number of cases related to overdose are causing a major concern for the health department to save not only adults but also children from this kind of drug, which can prove to be fatal just with a minor Overdose. 

What Is The Risk? 

Both of the drugs that have been mentioned above are very highly potent psychoactive substances. These two kinds of substances require multiple doses of medication. This medication must also be strong enough to act as an antidote. 

Illicit Drug Markets Are Gaining Access To Powerful Drugs

The supply of these kinds of drugs has suddenly increased. It is also possible to understand that if it is not controlled anytime soon, then there can be a possibility that an individual would be exposed to a lot of risks, and even before he could report any symptom, he would straight away die.

It is not believed, but it is something concrete that is based upon the evidence of all the cases of people who have lost their lives due to the overdose of these drugs in the recent past.

Increasing instances of brain tumors and Bronchitis have also been reported due to the enhanced consumption, which typically results in the individual’s death. 

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What are the remedies?

Every possible kind of effort is being made at the instance of the Government and police department in order to find out the source from which such an excessive supply comes. Almost every kind of illicit network is being detected. Continued investigation and integrations are also taking place because they can be considered to be the best way with the help of which the source can be identified in the minimum amount of time. 

A conclusion can be developed only with a complete analysis. The health departments have also published many advisories regarding the minimum amount of consumption with respect to these drugs. It is upon the people to follow these guidelines in black and white so that the fatalities due to the consumption of these drugs are prevented for the time being.


It can be concluded that this is not enough in order to prevent the trade of these highly potent drugs on the market. Something concludes has to be done as soon as possible so that it becomes possible on the part of the individuals to monitor not only the consumption but also the roots of this supply. It is going to be a close network that has to be discovered by the health department and investigation authorities so that effective care can be provided easily. The combined defect of all of these kinds of combinations can be useful to bring the desired result.


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