Improving Body Positivity Leads To Healthier Mothers And Children

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 12, 2022

The duration of Pregnancy is filled with emotions. It is a period of anticipation and everyone around you will be filled with joy and happiness. If you can sum pregnancy in a word you would probably choose the term “Excitement”. 

As much as the people who are surrounding a pregnant woman are filled with greater enthusiasm, a great deal of physical change has to be experienced by a woman during the period of pregnancy. Only a very few people, a handful approximately, will undergo this physical change with a happy heart. The rest of the women experience huge bodily dissatisfaction. This satisfaction is experienced both during the time of pregnancy as well as during the postpartum period.

An overweight body or an increased body size does not receive a huge welcome from society and even the inner circle of friends and family. People tend to look at a heavy body with such distaste which makes bodily satisfaction the need of the day.

But during pregnancy and postpartum duration, a woman’s body undergoes so much change which are the leading causes of heavy bodily dissatisfaction. The main problem associated with this dissatisfaction is that it leads to depression and other mental health disorders.

Mothers And Children Would Benefit From Improved Body Positivity

Statistics say over 63% of women are prone to postpartum depression. This will result in eating disorders. Since eating disorders start right away after the child is born, both the mother and the child tend to experience adverse health consequences. 

Improving Body Positivity Leads To Healthier Mothers And Children

As mentioned earlier, a woman’s body undergoes multiple changes during the term of pregnancy and this requires her to eat healthy and nutritious food post pregnancy. Eating disorders will prevent the intake of this rich and nutritious food and will ultimately result in adverse health. Since the child depends on the mother for its nutrition at the early stages, the child will also become a victim of bad health conditions.

To form preventive measures for the same and ensure good health for both the child and the mother, researchers have started analyzing what factors contribute to body dissatisfaction and the mood factors and mood changes associated with pregnancy and post-pregnancy terms. The medical experts have also started analyzing what preventive measures can be undertaken to eradicate this dissatisfaction and ensure the mother and child are leading a happy and healthy life post-pregnancy. 

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A survey was conducted with more than a hundred and fifty people who constituted both pregnant women and women who are currently in their postpartum duration and they were analyzed by medical experts. All of these women were chosen from a specified age group. The women were over eighteen years of age and under fifty years.

After a series of analyses were done concerning what causes them dissatisfaction and why they are experiencing adverse mood swings, the medical experts reported over sixty percent of the population are victims of bodily dissatisfaction. 

Delving deeper, the medical experts understood women start feeling self-conscious about their appearance after pregnancy. Women are worried as they have a lack of control over their increasing body weight at the time of pregnancy. This lack of control makes them more anxious. 

Everyone loves to be slim and when the ideal body size of a woman gets affected adversely, so does their mental health. To prevent these adverse mood changes it is important women get expert help on body acceptance training and have a support group filled with other people who are undergoing the same problems.

Society as a whole should stop creating unrealistic expectations and avoid body shaming women and this could increase their confidence ten folds. Medical experts have started taking these bodily changes very important and are strategizing preventive measures regularly to provide support to the woman community as a whole.


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