Increased Risk Of Mental Woes Continues A Year After Covid Recovery!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 23, 2022

A new study has revealed interesting things about mental woes after recovering from covid infection. According to the research, patients who suffer from covid infection are 60% more likely to suffer from mental issues like anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and sleep problems even a year after the recovery.

Increased Risk Of Mental Woes Continue A Year After Covid Recovery

This has surprised many people as most people believe that once a person recovers from covid, there is no need to worry. However, this study has shown that we need to take care of mental health issues even after recovering from covid.

Increased Risk Of Mental Woes Continue A Year After Covid Recovery

While this is normal in the early stages of recovery, many people are surprised to see such conditions even after a year. However, according to experts, things can be handled effectively with proper treatment. Doctors notice an increase in the use of opioids and other substances that lead to depression and anxiety after recovering from covid infection. Apart from that, there is also an increase in the risk of suicidal tendencies among such people. All these factors can increase stress and lead to further addiction problems in many cases.

Experts feel that the virus has the ability to impact neuron connections and disrupt the signaling system. In turn, this can lead to brain fog or a decline in cognitive ability after suffering from the infection. We need to understand the complete impact of the virus on mental health in order to avoid these issues in the long run.

The study highlights the importance of asking mental health-related questions to patients who have recovered from covid infection. In this manner, small issues like recurring pain and lack of sleep can be identified in the early stages, and they can be treated with proper medication to avoid complications. The data of patients who suffered from the infection were analyzed for more than a year. It showed that the chances of suffering from anxiety increased by about 35% after the covid infection. In the same manner, the chances of suffering from depression and other issues increased by about 40%.

The chances of sleep disorders increased by nearly 40%, and the chances of having brain fog increased by about 80% after a covid infection. This shows the importance of dealing with mental health issues after the infection, and such things should not be neglected even after recovering from the infection.

Interestingly, the severity of the infection had a big role to play in the increased risk of mental health issues among covid patients. It was clear that those who suffered from mild infection had fewer chances of developing such mental health issues in the long run. On the other hand, those who suffered from extreme covid had more chances of developing such mental issues in the future.

Experts are worried about these issues as this can easily become another pandemic if things are not treated in a serious manner. As millions of people have suffered from covid infection, many people are at high risk of developing these conditions.

However, the research also showed that such chances decreased a lot among vaccinated people. According to doctors, the mental health issues and alcohol abuse problems were less seen in people who were vaccinated, and this is a positive sign. Vaccinated people were protected to a large extent even during a breakthrough infection in most cases.

For this reason, it is important to study the long-term impact of covid on our health. In this way, such problems can be avoided in the long run with proper treatment.

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