Insensitivity Towards The Black Doctor In Indiana Hospital

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 14, 2021

It was on Wednesday when a parent organization has stated that the black doctor who was suffering from covid-19 received the treatment at the suburban Indianapolis hospital did not end up dying because of the hospital staff there or due to the treatment which was provided to him by the doctors there.

Insensitivity Towards The Black Doctor In Indiana Hospital

Also, parent IU health added to this that recently experts have said that due to cultural competency Dr. Susan Moore suffered due to treatment given to her in IU health North in the parts of Carmel. They also mention that she was treated with care and sympathy, which she required at that time.IU Health North have discharged Moore a little time back but, soon after which she had admitted herself to a different hospital, where she died at the age of 52 on December 20.

Insensitivity Towards The Black Doctor In Indiana Hospital

Moore was a physician who has worked in Indiana since 2009. She has said in her post which she made on December 4 that she had hardly any trust in the hospital staff and the white doctor who is treating her. She says she has to ask repeatedly for a check-up, scan, and even for the medication. Her pain is not seen by the doctors treating her, which was disheartening and disappointing.

It was seen that compassion and empathy which Moore needs to be provided at that time had not bothered the doctors in IU Health North which is a sign of carelessness and insensitive behavior towards the patient. As the matter of fact CEO Dennis Murphy of IU Health once said that we respect each idea and thought and give our best to provide the best service possible and provide the comfort and compassion a patient needs at the time of hardship.

Love and care which is asked by the patient every time he feels low are provided by our staff. To this Murphy also added that he admits that some of the other place they were not able to stand up to the expectations of Dr. Moore in all these aspects which were promised to be maintained for every patient regardless of the race. He says we have a long way to go and much to improve to develop an anti-racist health system.

He even shared that for now no staff will be fired just on a basis of an outside review panel which would include four black members in it. But some of the staff will surely be given administrative leave to take up the training regarding treating everyone equally regardless of the race and would be kept back to work only after that when they could practice fairly.

Our hospital system has already started to train each employee to be more loving, caring, compassionate, and generous to the patients. To provide our patients with the best experience possible and the most optimistic approach towards their health; regular discussions and reviews are taken from the panel, and the advice given by them is followed.

Being the biggest hospital of the place to improve the experience of their patients they have decided to hire the patient advocates, make all necessary changes in patients coordination, also the best team is formed for looking after to everything especially poor patients incidence. 

He concluded by saying that there would be a proper discussion and look after this issue by talking to the stakeholders and community leaders especially on a part of sharing about the racism and the role of IU health in it. He assured that proper measures would be taken so that no such action is repeated and we have a racism-free Health system.

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