The Intense Breakdown Of Covid-19 Is Unlike The Primordial Viruses!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 25, 2022

The arrival of coronavirus was first reported on 31st December 2019 in Wuhan city of China. Initially, the virus was taken less seriously and its effects were considered common as that of the primordial viruses that had occurred and vanished within time.

The Intense Breakdown Of Covid-19 Is Unlike The Primordial Viruses

But as time proceeded and the covid cases appallingly expanded the people and researchers became sincere and serious on the topic of coronavirus. Initially, the maestro delineated that the SARS-COV-2 emerged in bats the same explanation which they gave for the Middle East respiratory syndrome(MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome ( SARS) viruses that had arrived in the year 2012 with being vigorously devastating and ruinous.

The Intense Breakdown Of Covid-19 Is Unlike The Primordial Viruses

The covid-19 was first reported in Wuhan’s outdoor ” wet markets”. It was reported that the shop used to produce and sell various types of meat of different animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, bats, etc which became the major proof for its emergence in the country as the idea of eating them was highly hideous and disturbing.

The coronavirus has indeed made our lives extremely hectic and stressful. It has not only affected the world economy but has furthermore caused deaths at a high scaring rate. It was reported that the world has suffered through many viruses but not like the covid-19. It’s a new wild human creation that led to the expansion in mortality rate, mental disorders, and high hospitalization of people.

Within time the virus upgraded and gave rise to two new variants, the delta variant, and the omicron variant. The Delta variant emerged soon after the coronavirus whereas omicron is a new variant and was reported on 24th November 2021 in South Africa. It was reported that almost 99% of covid-19 cases were of delta variant and even the deaths were due to this variant. The Omicron variant as per the fresh reports is not that serious but is as contagious as the delta variant.

The World health organization (WHO) and the United Nations health department sympathetically affirmed that the United States lost at least 450,000 citizens due to the covid -19 at the starting of the year being the 2nd country in rank after China from being affected from covid. It was also reported that 59% of deaths in the country were because of the Covid-19.

Many scientists and medical officials warned the countries to take strict measures regarding the coronavirus as it cannot be avoided so effortlessly. But the question regarding the virus was ” why is it still so vibrant after 2years and the deaths are still occurring at high rates?”.

The officials replied that the people are still careless and are not taking the required measures. They even stated some reasons for the expansion of the virus even after 2 years.

  1. About half of the population of the world is still unvaccinated. It was reported that 55.9% of the world’s population is still unvaccinated which increases the chances of getting infected by the virus.
  1. Lack of seriousness of people after getting vaccinated: it was reported that people have become less sincere and serious after getting vaccinated and have started their regular lives as in roaming without wearing masks, not carrying sanitisers, not socially distancing from people etc.
  1. Getting vaccinated does not guarantee that you will not get sick from Coronavirus, but it does enhance your body’s immunity to fight it off.

However, people are not understanding that the situation after the vaccination has not changed, they are still likely to get affected and die if not take the measures told to practice, the situation is still the same as the initial period of the virus.

The scientists even affirmed that the virus will not end soon as the people are not cooperating and adjusting to the rules enforced by the government. It is we who can stop and alleviate this virus and for that, we need to take the respective measures and stay at home excluding the fact that we are vaccinated for our safety.

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