Joe Biden Does Not Like Court-Packing

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 14, 2020

Democratic candidate Joe Biden said that he was “not an explorer” in court packaging and offered his clearest opinion on a topic that he wanted to avoid debating after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Joe Biden does not like court-packing

Biden told CNN WKRC affiliate in Cincinnati: “I am not a fan of shortcut packaging, but I don’t want to get off all this stuff. “I want to stay focused. The president would love nothing more than arguing over whether I pack the court or not.”

He said that right now all he is interested in doing is to win the elections and nothing else. He is all set and focussed and does not want to lose the eye from the aim. Let the democrats wrap the court and let them have fun for a few days. He tried to ignore all the questions that were asked related to wrapping up the court. His party members also tried to dodge the media and were not actively answering any questions.

Last week he said to reporters that he was not going to raise this topic until after the elections on November 3, but his statement Monday goes beyond his previous responses in the wake of Ginsburg’s vacancy in the Supreme Court.

With the Republican Senate expected to confirm the Third Supreme Court of President Donald Trump’s formation, with a strong conservative majority of six-3. The possibility of raising the high court’s size – and incorporating liberal judiciaries-has floated in some progressive Democratic Party members. What will happen if Biden win and the Republicans lose control of the Senate?

In the party’s incremental portion, there are no other means of protecting legalizing abortion in the United States, such as bringing seats to the bench, as in Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case. Biden is a retired Senator who has based his platform on a return to normality and civility. Former senator polls reveal that he won over conservatives, and he hesitates to lend Trump fresh ammunition to the radical side of his party.

Biden and her leading colleague Sen. Kamala Harris, have been increasingly opposed to the so-called court-packing idea. So during their respective debates with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, they declined to answer questions regarding their stance on this subject.

Biden’s main opposition to court packaging was consistent. At a Democratic presidential debate last October, He said, “We have three magistrates, and next time we lost power, they’re adding three magistrates. We’ve begun losing what reputation the court has, it is just turning out to be an overcrowded place.” He said,

It affirmed his stance and that statement when an elector asked him about the position he held in Iowa later in December when extending the court. He also claimed that he was opposed to court packaging before the Iowa Start Line earlier this year, as Democrats would “live to rue the day.”

For his part, when he pushed her on the subject during her debate last week, Harris wouldn’t respond to Pence’s questions, with the vice president saying, “You did not give a response. “If you don’t find it out yet, the straight answer is they will pack the Supreme Court,” Pence said during the interview. “The Americans deserve a straight answer.

Biden claimed in 2019 that, but he failed to state his stance in weeks from Ginsburg’s passing, he rejected the suggestion of the inclusion of more courts to reevaluate the ideological composition of the judiciary. He assured reporters last week that he was not going to deal with the issue until November 3. “When the election is over, you’ll know my view on court-packing,” he said. Also, Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, refused to state whether she approved the concept during the debate last week.

Biden was criticized by Republicans and the Trump campaign for refusing, with Mr. Trump criticizing it at the campaign rally on Monday, to determine if he favors adding more justice.

Biden also declines to respond to the Supreme Court’s packing questions. For many decades, no one talked about it, “Mr. Trump said at a Florida gathering.” So that is what they want to do. You can’t come lawfully, and you say, ‘We’re just going to pack the courts, it’s OK. We’re going to bring a lot of super left people on the court, and we’re going to get a whole other world.”

The adjustment in the number of Supreme Court judges would necessitate Congress’s act and the signature of a President. Following a series of decisions over many New Deal initiatives, President Franklin Roosevelt famously attempted and did not extend the courts to 15 judges.

Democrats criticized the GOP of the Senate as having a collapse in the precedent that it says it was developed in spring 2016 when leader Mitch McConnell declined to hold hearings for the then-President Barack Obama, citing the upcoming presidency. The court fight, which was moot after Trump won the 2016 election and named Judge Neil Gorsuch, presumably relates in part to Biden’s insistence that Republicans still took the court, with a significant percentage on the Left staring at Gorsuch’s seat as robbed.

As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on September 18, the new nomination contest began, creating a fast timeline for republicans to confirm her successor, with the final voting planned days before the elections. In this week’s vice presidential debate, vice president Mike pence grilled Harris, who pointedly avoided probes.

On Friday, Biden lifted his eyes on the fact that voters did not “may” hear his views before the election. He told him a day ago, saying that whatever position he took was to divert him from more urgent problems. “I will have my view on court packaging after the polls are over,” he said.

On Saturday, he repeated the point. “With what’s going on right now, we can concentrate,” he said. “And, the fact is that since the vote has already begun, this court is already being stacked by the Republicans. I can concentrate, but we won’t take our eyes off the ball.

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