Joe Biden Is All Set To Lead From The Oval Office

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 9, 2020

There have been many instances wherein the election for the post of President in the United States of America has been brimmed up with much more drama and other observations. This election was also not free from any tactics.

This time, the election has been won by the opposite candidate Joe Bidden. He was the man who was in the position to defeat at least the former President Mr Donald Trump. The pandemic of coronavirus is far gone. There are cases around the world where several states adopt some form of social distance rules in their eighth month.

On Thursday the country received a staggering 121,888 new COVID-19 infections. More than 231,000 people have died of the disease in the United States, including more than nine million Americans. Biden also set down those acts during the battle against COVID-19. To enforce a mask mandate, he said he would contact Governors. The former vice president said that he would turn to city authorities if they refuse. Biden also said that the Global Virus Research Programme is being initiated, national recommendations for countries are being reopened to scientists, and the vaccine for coronavirus is free as soon as it is available.

Although researchers claim that at least one vaccine applicant could be accepted by the FDA by year-end the over 300 million American people, let alone the 7 billion worldwide, could receive the vaccine for months. The next most important task which was mentioned by the President in the speech was very nice. He also emphasized the fact that a high time has already come to safeguard the economy.

He was planning to attract investments from different parts of the world to propel the notion that the economic stigma can be broken with the help of investment which should be invited from the other parts of the world, therefore, the people liked the speech that was delivered by the newly elected President in the best possible manner.

There have been additional efforts that have been reported so far in addition to this via which an attempt can be made to revive the broken factors of the economy in the best possible manner in the best possible way without compromising the risk of any other element or the strength.

In the primary days and the last few days, as the elections were held in Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta, a number of the triumphant votes of Biden came to the White House as paved by Black voters. Yet Black Americans continue to rally in the streets against police-involved killings and social discrimination together with white supporters and other people of colour.

In a strategy to counter structural racism which involves investing into small, black-owned companies, developing a new tax credit to help Black Americans purchase houses, and investing in historical Black college and university (BBCUs) schools, Biden has been publicly using the term ‘Black lives matters.’ Shortly the president-elect must deal with racial problems throughout the world, not just point out his plan.

Stefanie Brown James, who led Obama to engage America’s 2012 politicians and voters and co-founder of Collective PAC, told USA TODAY, activists within the campaign could not stay quiet under the presidency of Biden. She said she wants the Administration to create a variety of neighborhood task forces, including “Black Lives Matter community leaders and just black groups for a time.” They said she hoped.

“Biden and Harris will continue to push to satisfy their obligations,” she added. “There will also be a bigger drive to do the same for Congress.” Biden agreed to negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement just one day after the election, on his first day of presidency, a proposal to tackle climate change under the Obama administration.

It is possible that liberals would see Biden’s endorsement of initiatives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal pushed young progressives and progressive people to press for support from a former vice-president to back the Paris Convention while he is in office. Biden does not support the Green New Deal, but has set forward his proposal for “100% renewable energy production and net nil emissions by 2050.”

Progressives including Waleed Shahid, the Justice Democratic Communications Officer, said activists want Biden’s passage of a new economic opportunity programme providing support for the war against structural injustice and climate change.

Nikki Attkisson

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