Joe Biden Win In Wisconsin Recount: To Be Certified On Monday

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 1, 2020

After Wisconsin partial recount, there is now a boost for Democrat Joe Biden’s victory, and it was by 87 votes. The recount is announced on Sunday. President Donald Trump said, “I was preparing the lawsuit just for overturning the results.’

Joe Biden Win In Wisconsin Recount: To Be Certified On Monday

Now, in Wisconsin after the completion of a recount, it has prompted most of the Democratic leaders in the state Elections Commission to say, ‘lets us certify Joe Biden’s victory on Monday. The certification will clear the path for Trump to file a lawsuit.’In but meantime, a Republican who is present on the commission believes that it was premature for Wisconsin to sign off the results. Moreover, he is hoping Chairwoman Ann Jacobs would wait at least until the commissions meeting on Tuesday.

Joe Biden Win In Wisconsin Recount: To Be Certified On Monday

Even in Dane County, vote retallying is wrapped, and Milwaukee County also finished its recount.  In Milwaukee County, Joe Biden netted 132 votes, and in Dane County, Donald Trump netted 45 votes. Out of about three million casts, if taken together, there is an increased statewide margin in Biden’s gains by 20695.

Donald Trump’s campaign paid over three million for covering the cost of recounts just in Wisconsin’s major Democratic countries. They had plans to pursue a long-shot lawsuit only to claim ten electoral votes of the state.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted, ‘I would file a lawsuit by Tuesday in Wisconsin. I will file it when the state Elections Commissions gets ready to certify Joe Biden’s victory results.’ Trump wrote, ‘The recount that happened in Wisconsin is not all about finding the mistakes occurred in the count. It is more about finding and listing people who all voted legally. The same case I want to bring after the recount is over, Tuesday or Monday.’

But, now, the recount has nothing to turn up on any evidence of fraud. Now, Twitter has labelled Donald Trump’s tweet as disputed. But Trump’s campaign was always alleged about long-standing voting practices followed in Wisconsin to be illegal. They thought it would throw almost 238000 ballots in Milwaukee and Dane counties.

The Trump campaign was claiming that all early and in-person votes in the same counties are illegitimate. The list even included ones cast by GOP state Sen. Alberta Darling and Jim Troupis. Democrats, Trump campaign attorney, and even by GOP state Rep. Jessie Rodriguez. But election attorneys and election officials have called the same claim preposterous. They also noted that the state had conducted early in-person voting in the same way for a decade, and it has run the same without challenges.

In other states, Donald Trump has faced setback after setback and but he faced an uphill battle when it comes to Wisconsin. Even in case of a change in outcome happens in Wisconsin, because of his victories in all other states. Still, even after all this, Biden has no obstructions to claim the presidency.

Jacob said, ‘I have planned to certify Biden’s victory on Monday. I want to help in resolving any legal challenges as early as possible. It is better to move the process on Monday instead of waiting for the commissions meeting on Tuesday.’

She added, ‘the main reason behind hurry is until it is certified, Trump campaign will not be able to appeal.’ As per State law, the commission chairperson has power, and she can certify the results. The same has been followed in all past elections. But, now Republicans are also arguing with the rest of the commissions to play a role in the current year because of disputes about how the voting was conducted.

Jacob says, ‘certifying the election results is an administrative and simple matter. Verifying the numbers is the Election Commission’s role and responsibility, and the same is the whole purpose of the canvas.’

A Republican, Commissioner Bob Spindell, commented on Jacob’s move, ‘This move is completely inappropriate. I suggest the commission to discuss the matter in Tuesday’s meeting. I have no idea about the state’s plan to certify the results so that the court should decide what to be done next.’ He added, ‘obviously, Jacob is trying to pull one more reason.’

After the recount results, it is found that Biden improved his margin. In Milwaukee County, Joe Biden finally netted 132 more votes compared to the earlier works. It is said that much of the increase in results has occurred due to tabulators. It is discovered that on Election Day, 386 votes have not been counted.

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