BioTrust Joint 33X Reviews – Is This A Trustable Solution For Flexible Joints?

Dr. Ricardo Alvarez | Last Updated : August 26, 2021

Most readers of this BioTrust Joint 33X review are brought here by the severity of their joint health problems. As such, this review has helped many come to the right decision about using the Joint 33X supplement or not. 

This BioTrust Joint 33X review will detail the various aspects of the supplement formula such as its ingredients, working method, and benefits.

BioTrust Joint 33X Reviews – How Effective Is This Joint Solution To Eliminates Difficulties Of Joint Issues?

It will help you further by analyzing if this formula has any side effects or complaints, etc. You can decide whether this is a formula you can use, after reading this full review. 

BioTrust Joint 33X Reviews
Supplement NameJoint 33X
Manufacturing CompanyBioTrust
Health BenefitsHelps to remove the root causes of bone and joint health program
Product FeaturesVegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free
SpecificationsJoint 33X + 3 Bonuses
Supplement TypeCapsule
Ingredients UC-II, AprèsFlex, Mobilee and much more
Dosage LimitTake 1 capsule per day
Result ExpectationMinimum within 3 months
Age Range Above 18 years old
Bottle Quantity30 Capsules
Money-back Guarantee Offered60-days
Side EffectsNo negative effects reported
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Joint 33X?

Joint and bone-related problems such as arthritis and decay have been often attributed to aging. However, the recent increase in the number of such cases in people as young as 30 years has proven otherwise. 

This is why Joint 33X, one of the leading health and nutrition brands, has come up with the Joint 33X formula. The team of expert scientists and researchers at Joint 33X have formulated Joint 33X after numerous hours of research and trials, etc. 

This formula presents three specific ingredients that have been proven to combat the root causes of modern joint, and bone health problems. This will give the users complete relief from the untimely flare-up of joint aches and discomfort. They can go on to live a happy and functional life with the support of the Joint 33X formula.

The Manufacturer of Joint 33X

The manufacturer of the Joint 33X formula is the famous nutrition company BioTRUST. Founders Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni aimed for BioTrust to be an authentic and legitimate company upon its creation in 2011. To date, they have shipped over 15 million high-quality products around the globe. These range from fitness to anti-aging, and digestive health supplements, etc. 

 Joint 33X Ingredients

As with all other BioTRUST products, the Joint 33X formula also contains only natural and organic ingredients. However, in this instance, they have been selected to eradicate joint health problems and provide you a complete recovery. 


Undenatured Type 2 collagen is an important anti-aging compound with scientifically proven effects. It’s a relatively simpler compound that exponentially improves cartilage and bone health. 


This is a powerful compound extracted from the Boswellia serrata plant. Several recent studies have shown ApresFlex to be capable of preventing enzyme damage to the joints. 


This is the third major ingredient of the Joint 33X supplement that will aid complete recovery. It will enhance the production and functions of synovial fluid, the joint lubricanT. 

A complete list of Joint 33X ingredients is also available on the official website. 

BioTrust Joint 33X - Ingredients

How does Joint 33X work in the body?

The Joint 33X formula works to remove the root causes of bone and joint health problems. This way, it is capable of eradicating the difficulties of joint issues and prevent them from recurring. 

Mainly, the formula will prevent the decay and erosion of your joint cartilage caps. This will stem most of the pain, discomfort, and swelling that you experience. Further, the joint relief formula will strengthen cartilage through the collagen it provides. 

This will prevent the action of various enzymes produced by the body. On your joints. Also, this supplement will enhance the synovial fluid to make your movements much easier, and comfortable. 

All of this will boost your joint health and functionalities, preventing future flare-ups as well. You can forget about joint trouble and live an independent life with the support of the Joint 33X formula. 

Benefits of Joint 33X

  • Helps prevent and treat joint issues
  • Improves the flexibility and mobility of your joints
  • Supports overall movement and wellbeing.
  • Protects your joints from enzymatic decay
  • Boosts the production of collagen in your body
  • Helps reverse the impact of aging on your movements
  • Supports the recovery from major joint issues such as arthritis, etc
  • Easy to use, no side effects
  • 100% safe and healthy formula
  • Fast results
BioTrust Joint 33X - Discomfort Reduction

Joint 33X side Effects

The Joint 33X relief formula was created from tested and proven ingredients with great benefits for human health. These have been subjected to the trademark 7-step quality process of BioTrust. They source the ingredients only from certified suppliers and utilize GMP procedures in an FDA facility to make this supplement. So, there are no Joint 33X side effects. 

You would do well to consult a doctor before taking it if you suffer from another ailment or are a pregnant woman. 

BioTrust Joint 33X - Knee Pain

Joint 33X dosage & How to use it?

The Joint 33X formula comes in a vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free capsule form for ease of use. The ideal dosage for Adults is should just take one capsule per day to see the best results with this joint pain relief formula. 

Beware not to exceed this dosage as it suffices for all people, regardless of age, body type, or medical history. This might even lead to adverse effects. 

BioTrust Joint 33X - Dosage

Joint 33X results & longevity

Just like any other supplement or medication, the Joint 33X joint formula also takes some time to show results. It establishes lasting results with usage of a minimum of 3 months.

On average, the users have reported these benefits for 1-2 years and more. They say continuing the usage adds to the results. Also, making the necessary changes to your lifestyle and diet is beneficial in this regard.

Is Joint 33X BioTrust legit or not?

In many other BioTrust Joint 33X reviews, Most of those who come across the Joint 33X formula have no doubts about its legitimacy. This is because it is a product of BioTrust, a proven and trustworthy nutrition manufacturer.

They are known for their effective and safe health solutions used by millions around the globe. In addition to this, all of the ingredients in this formula have been shown to have extensive benefits for human health and no side effects. So, yes, the Joint 33X formula is legitimate. 

Joint 33X customer reviews & complaints

Based on many other BioTrust Joint 33X reviews, despite its widespread utility, the Joint 33X joint pain relief supplement has no side effects or complaints. None of its customer reviews have raised any concern about its usage. They all appreciate how this formula has changed their lives for the better. 

BioTrust Joint 33X Customer reviews

Joint 33X pricing And availability

As we saw, the Joint 33X joint formula is limited to the official website for sales. This is so that the manufacturer can keep a tight leash on its quality and authenticity. 

Also, they offer all their promotional discounts, offers, etc on the official website. There are several packages available on the website for you to choose from. 

Price of 1 Bottle, 30 Caps is- $34.00

Price of 3 Bottles, 90 Caps is- $29.00/bottle

Price of 6 Bottles, 180 Caps is- $24.00/bottle

BioTrust 33X Supplement

Buying the 6 bottle package will give you maximum discounts and also last you longer. They offer a foolproof satisfaction guarantee for up to 60 days on all purchases. 

Bonuses of Joint 33X


Free US ground shipping as well as the discounted international shipping, right to your doorstep

2. FREE VIP Live Health and Fitness Coaching for Life 

Personalized fitness coaching from the BioTrust team of experts. This is lifetime support offered through the experts, as well as the evergrowing BioTrust global network.

3. FREE New eReport The 11 Superfoods for Superior Joints

Discover all the most effective foods you’ll want to eat more of to improve your joint health and your quality of life. This guide will be accessible to you instantly.

BioTrust Joint 33X - Bonuses

BioTrust Joint 33X Reviews – Is this a recommended supplement?

To sum it up, the Joint 33X supplement by BioTrust is a formula that can be useful for anyone suffering from joint health problems. Crafted by an expert team of scientists and researchers, it helps to get rid of all the symptoms and root causes of your joint issues. 

As mentioned in the BioTrust Joint 33X review, the formula will strengthen and support your joints from within, preventing the decay and erosion of cartilage. The Joint 33X supplement will even improve the levels of Synovial fluid in your joints, to make them more flexible and mobile. 

So, if you are looking for a natural and safe solution for your joint health issues, the Joint 33X formula could come in handy. With the money-back guarantee, using it is completely risk-free for you. 

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