What Was Joshua Jackson’s Cheeky Response To Wife Jodie Turner-Smith’s Nude Photo Ahead Of The 2022 Critics Choice Awards?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 29, 2022

The famous Hollywood actress has set the stage on fire. It is because she has been indulged and involved in one of the most common and uncertain kinds of controversy that nobody ever imagined would ever take place.

Joshua Jackson’s Surprising Statement

Jodie Turner-Smith has been able to create controversial headlines in recent days after she walked out naked on the balcony of the hotel in which she was enjoying a vacation with her husband, Joshua Jackson. 

What Was Joshua Jackson's Cheeky Response To Jodie Turner-Smith's Nude Photo Ahead Of The Critics Choice Awards

Exact issue of controversy 

This has been one of the weirdest kinds of news that anyone would have witnessed. In such a situation, it becomes essential to understand that this has been able to create a lot of controversies, and this kind of controversy was created exactly before the Critics Choice Award of 2022. Many people predict that this is nothing but a publicity stunt to create controversies and headlines, and it has been able to create a positive impact together.

Husband’s reaction

In the recent interview with her husband Joshua Jackson, he was able to applaud his wife’s move. He was proud that his wife dared to create a headline all by herself. This was one of the most unique and surprising statements of a husband who enjoyed his wife’s nakedness being photographed by the entire media just two days before the red carpet event was scheduled. It had created a tremendous amount of controversy that was never even imagined because now the people had judged the actress for doing such a cheap stunt to gain some publicity before the awards event was scheduled. 

Both of them were seen on the Balcony of Beverly Hills, in which the naked actress was found to be in the arms of a husband who was caressing her with love and care. One of the most unexpected incidents of the year has taken aback the entire Hollywood industry over the kind of public stunts that actors and actresses have started making just to become more famous and to be in the headlines throughout. 

Cheap thrills

Joshua Jackson was also in the position to express the kind of charm his wife carried whenever she walked out naked in front of him. It has been able to positively impact the relationship because both of them enjoy excellent compatibility when it comes to becoming a part of such controversies. This particular Act was just a publicity stunt in which they wanted to showcase the boldness and the ability to instantly create headlines. All of this has come along the lines of the critics’ choice award arrangement. 

This has created a lot of confusion and has attracted the criticism of so many fans who have disapproved of such an act just for the sake of getting famous to the greatest possible extent. The standard review was made available on social media platforms after such a type of photograph was posted. It has been able to negatively impact the kind of goodwill and reputation that they both enjoyed with each other. 

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