Journey Of Gleeves Of Turning Cancer Like Life Threat To Just A Disease

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : May 12, 2021

You would have heard of many heart-touching stories, especially when it comes to cancer patients who have days counted on fingertips to live; one such is of our Mel Mann it was back then in 1990 when he got to know about his myeloid leukemia, a chronic disease generally a type of cancer which had finally made him leave army and ship to Atlanta and have a life routine of spending time with his daughter and taking off the therapies to increase days in his life.

Journey Of Gleeves Of Turning Cancer Like Life Threat To Just A Disease

The only way to save himself was through a bone transplant, but it was apparently not possible for a black like him, and with this, his cancer was taking a worst face as anyone would; he was getting so scared After which it was time for clinical trial Mann has been waiting for.

Journey Of Gleeves Of Turning Cancer Like Life Threat To Just A Disease

Gleeves stated that Mann is among those patients who would try the new medicine out. Guess What? The Medicine was a great success, after which Mann was not only able to live a healthy life but run marathons.

After which the department of Food and Drug administration had approached Gleeves at it was almost 20 years after, on 10 May 2001. This drug has completely changed the idea of treating cancer. A renowned pharmacist, DeGennaro, mentioned that Gleeves drug had given us a completely new idea of creating medicine; it had been a game-changer with no much doubts.

Gleeves not only works well but also act as a daily pill which can be used by cancer patient instead of the harsh therapies they go through which have a number of side effects heart to deal with. DeGennaro very well stated that now the time has gone when patients do not get death sentence by their doctors but a prescription. Also, they beat life-threatening cancer by just taking two pills in a day and living a healthy life than ever.

 After a period of time, these drugs stop working, and the effect is not the same for every individual like how it was in the case of Mann. The ones who are benefited the most are the drug companies as these drugs are to be used throughout the life by the patients.

Gleeves had also lead to the finding of why drugs become ineffective after a certain period of time. The best part about it was the life in patience increase with quality and not by the chemotherapy making it all the more threatening. Mann is on Gleeves throughout his life because of the fear of Cancer getting returned.

Mann was now 64, and when it all started, he was only 37 with no much hopes; he had almost given up, but the desire to live for her daughter kept him going, and with Drunker researched medicine, Gleeves have made all this possible and easy for Mann.

Drunker says that he was always disheartened seeing the pain of his patient suffering from chronic myeloid leukemia and having no hopes to live. All this has made him do this so successfully. He was standing the family of enzyme kinase and with that discovered this magical drug to put lives into his patient life. Drunker also shared that incidents like Mann keep him going and discovering more such revolutionary drugs to save his patients.

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