Judge Of Arkansas Blocks The State From Enforcing Mask Mandate – Vaccination Rises As Cases Spike

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : August 9, 2021

Jeff Zients, White house COVID-19 response coordinator said on Thursday that few states have seen a sudden increase in vaccination rate since April. States like Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma were the witness of this increase in vaccination. In the last 24 hours, only the data suggests a total of 864,000 vaccines were given among this 585,000 were the first dose receivers. This is a good sign amidst the delta variant of COVID rising and infecting a huge number of people. Zients said that this increase in the rate of vaccination especially where the cases of COVID were increasing is significant.

Judge Of Arkansas Blocks The State From Enforcing Mask Mandate

This is because people are witnessing the rampant that delta variant is causing. Americans seem to understand the risk of being unvaccinated and unprotected. President Joe Biden also successfully reached the pre-set goal of vaccinating 70% of adults. The goal was reached one month later the deadline was set.

Judge Of Arkansas Blocks The State From Enforcing Mask Mandate – Vaccination Rises As Cases Spike

Enforcing Mask mandate ban

The ban on mask mandate was enforced temporarily by a judge in Arkansas. This mandate was signed by Gov.Asa Hutchinson in April. This ban has face two lawsuits which include the east Arkansas district. In east Arkansas, more than 900 students and staff are under quarantine because of COVID. Health officials and Paediatricians believe masks in schools are a must to protect kids. The delta variant and the low vaccination in Arkansas was the main cause of the outbreak. There was also a sudden increase in hospitalizations and only 36 ICU beds were available in the state. This was when there was a huge opposition towards Hutchinson from the Republicans. Hutchinson reportedly regretted that mask mandate man shouldn’t have become the law.

New Jersey – Reinstating Mask Mandate ban

 An Official in Phil Murphy’s administration stated that all K-12 students of New Jersey schools will be mandatorily required to wear masks in school. Though the announcement took back the pleasure of not wearing masks, the raid increase in the spread of COVID and increased hospitalizations has enforced this law.

Wearing masks is mandatory in all schools of New Jersey for students and staff. This includes all private and public schools. The mask can be removed if and only if students are involved in activities like gym, playing a musical instrument, or eating. Also, this applies to indoor activities only. Murphy also declared this mask mandate will be permanent until and unless the condition improves.

Crowds and safety? Sturgis Motor cycle rally

The CDC said that fully vaccinated should wear masks indoors too. This announcement received mixed responses. Vice-dean for education in John Hopkins Bloomberg school said that if we want to have parties we can but before that few strategies should be finalized to decide how to make parties possible. The CDC has not yet provided numbers permitted for gatherings but it has advised avoiding large events and gatherings. Large gatherings bring together people from different households which may involve travel, lodging, tickets. Several factors may contribute to the risks of spread like a number of COVID cases in the event location. If indoor events poor ventilation will be of high-risk concern. Also if travel is involved exposure to trains, planes, bus stations maintaining social distance will be challenging.

Amidst this, the annual gathering of bikers that happens every year in South Dakota is all set to start this Friday. This gathering may be posing as a super spreader. In this type of gathering, masks are usually ditched and bars get crowded. CDC has termed these gatherings as super spreader events.  Though it is a known fact that outdoor gatherings are comparatively safer than indoor gatherings health officials believe the risks are high.

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