Ketogenic Diet To Go Reviews – A Best Diet Meal Delivery Services?

Flynn Rey | Last Updated : May 8, 2021

Ketogenic Diet To Go is a food delivery service by Hilton Davis designed for individuals who are on the keto diet. Diet To Go delivers high-quality, clean chef-prepared meals to your doorstep saving you the time and effort of planning and preparing your diet. Their Keto Diet menu comes with nutritious and delicious dishes be it for any time of the day. Since they allow the facility of customized orders, you can enjoy being on a keto diet at the same time successfully attain all your weight loss goals. 

Ketogenic Diet To Go Reviews – Is This Ketogenic Diet Program Right For You?

Diet to Go is a great step for diet freaks to effectively follow their nutritional requirements without any effort. Continue reading into this Ketogenic Diet To Go reviews and see whether you can make use of this service. 

Ketogenic Diet To Go Reviews
Product NameKetogenic Diet To Go
Main BenefitsHelps to lose weight effortlessly.
MenuKeto-Carb30, Balance, Balance-Diabetes, Vegetarian
CategoryWeight Loss
Price $9.99
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Ketogenic Diet To Go ?

Not everyone has the energy to prepare their daily meal as per a dietary plan. 

Diet to Go ensures to make the procedure much easier by providing a selected list of delicious and nutrient-rich meals. This meal-delivery company has been running since 1991 helping many people successfully follow their diet plans and lose weight.

They have been rated as the no.1 company for portion-controlled diet and acts as a personal chef. Most food items mentioned as part of your meal plan lack taste which makes you quit the diet despite the high nutritional value and weight goals.

Diet to Go dishes consists of a unique taste helping you to thoroughly satisfy your appetite at the same time boost your body with nutrients. Their team involves top-rated health professionals including a registered dietician, certified health coach, and nutritionist.

Ketogenic Diet to Go weight loss program allows you to customize your meals such that it suits your taste and lifestyle. The ingredients used in their dishes activate your body’s fat-burning mechanism helping to achieve weight loss effortlessly.

Their official website states that on average, you can expect to lose around 10lbs within 30 days. The program is suitable for both men and women. The former can expect to lose 1200 calories per day and the latter 1600 calories per day.

Also, the entire process of food preparation to order delivery involves the strict practice of safety and quality standards. All one needs to do is subscribe to the desired meal from their options and customize the plan. 

 Ketogenic Diet To Go Steps

Menu provided by Ketogenic Diet To Go

Following are the meal plans that you can expect:

  • Keto-Carb30: This Atkins-style meal plan is specifically for those who wish to have a restrictive carb diet. It involves meat, eggs, cheese which are rich in proteins and fat. Keto-Carb30 provides a limited amount of 30 net carbs per day. Henceforth, you can easily reduce your weight to a great extent. 
  • Balance: This is their no.1 weight loss plan that has constantly strived to help people attain their weight goals for decades. It is 100% calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced. The meals are great for heart health and therefore are highly beneficial for pre-diabetic patients. It offers the largest selection of meal plans with varying flavors. 
  • Balance-Diabetes: This meal plan is diabetic-friendly and regulates blood sugar levels. There are a variety of delicious recipes to choose from and you can also customize them. 
  • Vegetarian: This one can be referred to as their vegetarian version of no.1 Balance Menu. It involves calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced food items that are high in proteins and are heart-healthy. The meals are mostly in the restaurant style so you can expect a diverse range of exciting food items. 

Choosing the meal plan in Ketogenic Diet To Go program

When you visit the official page of Diet to Go, you can get your own free diet plan analysis. For this, you need to provide basic contact details along with gender, height, weight, and physical activity level.

To order your meal, provide your zip code. After this, you are required to choose your menu and fill in the details accordingly.

Depending upon the menu you choose, you can opt for an original or no seafood facility. Select the number of meals as well as the days that you want to avail Diet to Go service.

Based on the options you chose, they give you the order summary which is the weekly plan. The website will then show you the total price, delivery date, and additional charges. 

What is the working process of the Ketogenic Diet To Go 

The meals are delivered on an automatic 5-week rotation basis. You can choose your meals for either 5 or 7 days a week. Refer to the menu section of the Diet to Go plans to have a better idea of your diet. They also offer you the option of personalizing your meal preferences after placing your order.

Each of the dishes prepared strictly adheres to the ketogenic ratio of fats, protein, and carbs. Thereby, the ingredients are incorporated in the exact amounts and induce ketosis at a faster rate.

The meals are always pre-prepared and you just need to heat them before consumption. Besides the typical ketogenic diet that requires strict practice, Diet to Go offers you complete flexibility in keto meals which means that you can pause or cancel your services anytime any day. 

Ketogenic Diet To Go facts

What advantages are provided by the Ketogenic Diet To Go

  • The easy practice of ketogenic diet for a consistent period: the ketogenic diet is extremely hard to practice. But Diet to Go offers quality meals with great taste preventing the need to sacrifice your favorite food. Also, you do not need to spend time, effort, and money planning and preparing your meals.  
  • Enjoy a satisfying meal: most of the time due to dietary needs, you are forced to push away your favorite food despite the temptation. Ketogenic Diet to Go comes with delicious recipes of your desire and fully satisfies your hunger. 
  • Enriches the body with nutrients: All the meals prepared are of high nutritional value carefully selected by their expert team. Thus your body experiences improved functioning. 
  • Provides a fun weight loss experience: Diet to Go’s chef-crafted meals are solely based on the ketogenic formula. Therefore, your body’s fat-burn process naturally gets activated leading to a slim and beautiful figure.

Positives and Negatives of Ketogenic Diet To Go


  • Top-quality chef-cooked meals right up to your doorstep. 
  • Allows customization of your keto meals without losing the nutritional value. 
  • Allows you to switch, pause and cancel your meal plans anytime without any obligations. 
  • Promotes easy maintenance of the keto diet. 
  • Suitable for both men and women. 
  • Facilitates faster and effective weight loss with the average being 10lbs in 30 days. 
  • The variety of tasty flavors for each meal makes keto eating enjoyable. 
  • Meals are prepared by a team of the best chefs in government-inspected commercial kitchens.
  • Adheres to all safety and quality standards from cooking to delivery. 
  • Saves time, effort, and money from preparing dietary plans. 


  • Available in only 48 U.S states. 
  • Not affordable for everyone as it is quite expensive. 
  • Results vary from person to person. 
  • Not suitable for pregnant women, children, and those with illness. 

Can Ketogenic Diet To Go be trusted? 

Absolutely. Ketogenic Diet to Go has been one of the most popular meal delivery services ever since its establishment in 1991. Numerous people accredit Diet to Go for being able to successfully practice their diet plans and achieve body goals.

The expert team at Diet to Go continuously aims to provide healthy and safe meals to effectively fulfill diet routines. The program works exactly the way it claims with the majority of the customers losing 10lbs per month.

The dishes are cooked under hygienic facilities and procedures. This pretty much proves the safety and cleanliness of the food they provide.

Their site also has a separate section presenting all the success stories of individuals who have been on the Ketogenic Diet to Go program which you can check out yourself. 

What are Ketogenic Diet To Go prices and where to pay? 

Ketogenic Diet to Go is a 100% online food delivery service and as a result, you can only access it via their official webpage. The prices vary depending upon the meal plan you chose. Apart from the total cost of your order, you need to pay $9.99 as an additional charge per delivery.

The company offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are not disappointed with the service. They also promise a complete refund in case you are not satisfied.

So overall there is nothing to lose if you are going for Ketogenic Diet to Go program. You can also hit up their customer support to help you with any queries. 

Ketogenic Diet To Go customer reviews

Final Verdict – Ketogenic Diet To Go Reviews

To put it briefly, Ketogenic Diet to Go is a very useful solution for anyone struggling with their diet. One of the main reasons why most diet plans do not work is due to the lack of a proper mixture of nutrients. To achieve the best from a keto diet, low carbs and high fat are a massive necessity.

This is the only way ketosis can be fully activated. The professional team of nutritionists and chefs at Diet to Go very well adheres to this rule and proves to provide the best keto meals. Just log in to their official website, go through the menu and select your diet plan, that’s it!

This simple procedure is a boon to those who are wrestling with their busy lifestyle and diet needs. You only need to order your meals for the week and just sit back and relax for them to be delivered.

Ketogenic Diet to Go provides only top-quality nutritional meals with exciting flavors along with the freedom of customizing your order.

Through Ketogenic Diet To Go reviews, neither do you need to struggle with the keto diet and exercise nor visit a restaurant to check out different food. All of their meals are 100% portion-controlled to ensure that you are receiving the perfect amount of nutrients.

The ketogenic diet can be exhausting but Diet to Go promises that you can develop your dream body by inducing ketosis through interesting recipes and flavors.

All of this proves why Diet to Go is becoming widely popular as there is an increasing number of satisfied customers. 

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