Keys To Start An eCommerce Business On Amazon

Allie Troy | Last Updated : January 20, 2021

Everyone wishes to have financial freedom in life. However, for most people, it is quite tiresome to reach it. If you are ready to work hard and have some basic prerequisites of business, it is possible to achieve your dream.

There are various opportunities ahead of you by which you can choose a successful income generator like an eCommerce business.

What is FBA?

FBA refers to a business model that lets you have a grip of the power distribution of the network and customer base of the largest online retailer around the world, Amazon. 

For those who wish to choose an eCommerce business as their main source, or just need a decent side income, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a great choice. Hundreds of success stories appear every day by people who have been associated with it.

Keys To Start An eCommerce Business On Amazon

With FBA, you act like a major corporation, but without any troubles that you are supposed to confront actually being one. All you do is to spend your time in search of profitable products and the rest will be done for you by Amazon.

Steps to Start an FBA Business

To set up your FBA Business, you have to follow some steps.

  1. Get your Amazon seller account 

The very beginning of your FBA business is to create an Amazon seller account by yourself. For this, you can go to the page footers in the Amazon Website, and select the “Make Money With Us” option. Then you will be able to see a label that says “Sell on Amazon.” you can click on the link and follow as per the instructions given.

You can either choose an individual or a professional account to set up your business. The first option is free of cost but with limited features. Whereas the latter requires a monthly subscription from the second month and there won’t be any limitations like the individual account. You can get access to tons of features with it.

The Professional account is highly recommended to start a successful FBA business.

  1. Choose Your Niche

This is a crucial and the most difficult task you overcome while setting up your business in a platform like Amazon. Here, you should follow a structured approach in selecting your niche as it is important to determine how you would work in the eCommerce world. Look online for Kibo Code Quantum to establish a new niche.

So you have to; 

  • consider the areas in which you have the most interest and list them.  
  • Brainstorm possible products and product lines
  • Be more specific with your list to reach the right niche
  • End up with the most prominent 3-5 niches

3.   Do Research

Do proper product research in the areas of your passion and niches on your list. For it, you can follow steps like:

  • General product searches
  • Use Keyword tools like Merchantwords and Jungle Scout 
  • Follow BSR (Best Seller Ratings)
  • Follow additional tools for market research like AMZ Scout, AMZ Base, Sonar, Watched Item, Unicorn Smasher

4.      Set up Your Product Sourcing

Setting up initial products and product lines is crucial, but before that, you should establish the sourcing of your products. Here you need the most trustworthy provider to let you reach products that are available with the highest quality.

 Product sourcing requires few steps like;

  • Testing products
  • Reach a supplier
  • Research shipping 
  • Product shipping

5.   Establish your Brand

Remember to choose a unique brand that is recognizable and clearly describes you and the product you are offering.

There are some steps to be followed in establishing your brand;

  • Naming 
  • Logo creation
  • Building themes and tag-lines
  • copyrighting

6. Product Listings

This is a crucial step that determines your income level. List your products providing your customers required information to let you choose a qualifying purchase. While listing, you can include things like;

  • Professional product photos
  • Detailed titles on products
  • Product descriptions
  • Relevant details like color, size, material, dimensions, warranty info, and other guides

7. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most significant parts to determine your profit scale. Even Though you are about to establish your business in the largest marketplace in the world, you need to grab the attention of your customers.

 You can introduce products to your customers through:

  • Social media
  • PPC Advertising
  • Platforms like Jumpsend
  • Product Reviews
  • Podcasts, blogs and Vlogs, and so on.

Your decision to opt for FBA business will worth your time and money as it lets you put your complete focus on your business. It is the greatest benefit you would enjoy as Amazon will take care of inventories and shipping of your business. Amazon is the best choice for you to start your business as you can have the highest number of customers who trust this platform worldwide.

Allie Troy

Allie Troyis a certified diabetes educator who loves to help people get excited about healthy and delicious foods, nutrition science, and active living. Her nutrition advising approach is to help people simplify and personalize their plans. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Indiana University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from Rutgers University, New Jersey. She is also a certified diabetes educator through the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators.

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