Kids Vaccination On The Rise. As Per The Reports From CDC

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 13, 2021

As per the reports from CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) around 3,60,000 kids have got their first dose of vaccine. Biden administration stated that vaccines for kids have been sent to doctors, health care professionals, and pharmacies as well and that the production of the vaccine is done at full strength.

Kids Vaccination On The Rise. As Per The Reports From CDC

President Joe Biden himself came out and spoke to parents and asked them to vaccinate their children at the earliest. He stated that the vaccines are fully safe and have been tested many times and no issues have been yet reported by the companies or by the test results. In a recent poll, it was found that 30% of the parents are not ready to get their kids vaccinated as they have many concerns about various side effects the vaccines could have on kids.

Kids Vaccination On The Rise, As Per The Reports From CDC

Pfizer stated that the vaccine is 90% effective for kids and will keep them out of hospital as well. Around 10% of the parents stated that they would like to wait a period of 2 to 3 months before getting their kids vaccinated to see if there are any side effects of this vaccine.

Many people read online that the vaccine might cause infertility which is one of the grave concerns for many parents. However, doctors and researchers came forward and stated that the vaccine do not even attack the reproduction system and only targets the cell which has the virus protein spike on them. Moreover, the same vaccine is given to adults all over the world and no one has yet complained of infertility. If there was such a case, then the birth rate all over the country should be going down which is truly not the case.

The potential side effect of getting vaccinated is a sour arm. This is just a pain on the muscles due to the injection and will go away in a day’s rest. Other side effects are low fever and tiredness which can be very easily treated with normal medication from the doctors. Many of the schools in California and Idaho are giving Friday as an off day so kids can get vaccinated and also rest up on the weekends. This way they won’t have to miss their school and would be easier on the kids as well.

In a similar fashion, many of the companies are giving a day off for the parents to get their kids vaccinated. This day off will be a paid leave and parents won’t have to manage their time by running to the vaccination clinic and then back to the office. Also, this will help the kids as well as they will have their parent around them if there is any side effect after vaccination. Both this initiation has been especially applauded by the President himself.

The state has asked many of the elementary schools to set up a vaccination centers in a joint venture with the hospital on the school premise itself. This will greatly help the kids and the parents as most of the kid’s data will already be available with the school.

However, many of the states like Florida stated that child vaccination is totally up to the parent and there is no mandate over it. CDC has asked the schools to host special seminars explaining the need for vaccination for kids.

Getting kids vaccinated is also an important part of breaking the covid chain as kids too go out in the open and interact with many other people. Many of the schools have also given out seminars to the kids explaining the need for vaccination.

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