King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Reviews – A Genuine CBD Oil For Pets?

Flynn Rey | Last Updated : February 11, 2021

I am sure you must have come across some King Kanine pet CBD products online already. Just like you, I came across this range of Dog and pet products online, while searching health products for my dog.

My dog experienced improvements in its overall health and energy using their products, but don’t take my word for it. 

King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Reviews – Everything You Need To Know!

The King Kanine Pet CBD Oil reviews will tell you in detail how this high-quality range of pet products can help better the life of your canine companion.

We will see its benefits, as well as side effects. You can learn a lot more about the King Kanine brand and its claims by reading the full review.

King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Reviews

What Is King Kanine Pet CBD Oil?

King Kanine Pet CBD is a brand of CBD products for your dog or other pets. These are specifically formulated products not only suitable for your pet but also beneficial. These are thoroughly tested products that have long-lasting health benefits for your dog. 

CBD or Cannabidiol has been gaining popularity as a natural and safe way to enhance human health. And it has been recently proven that it helps your pets too. However, given how precious your dog must be to you, choosing just about any CBD oil won’t do. 

There are major physiological differences between a dog and a human being that make it impossible to adaptively use CBD products.

This is where King Kanine’s pet-oriented range of products come into play. They claim that these products are designed specifically for your pet and contain several ingredients that help boost their health. 

We will take a look at some of their most popular products, but first, let us take a closer look at the brand.

King Kanine Pet CBD Oil

About King Kanine CBD

King Kanine CBD is a forerunner in the CBD industry. Established in 2015, in the Greater Miami area, they have been producing pet CBD products ever since.

King Kanine is a bunch of enthusiastic animal lovers and pet owners. They claim that they look to produce high quality, innovative products for your dogs and other pets.  

They aim to better the health and wellbeing of animals through alternative medicine. They hope to treat and prevent animal illnesses through their products. 

They launched their very first product, King Komb to help pet owners deal with coat shedding. Following this innovative, self-cleaning hygiene product, they have continued to create pet-friendly CBD products in their range, King Kalm. These include oils, eatables, balms, and sprays. 

These people are pet owners themselves and promise to manufacture nothing that they won’t give their own dogs. 

Popular King Kanine CBD Products

As these are specifically designed for pets, King Kanine products are popular among pet owners. These are sought after products that sell out the moment they hit the shelf. Some of their most popular products are listed below. 

  • KING KALM™ 600MG CBD with Copaiba & Krill Oil and DHA- $99.99
  • KING KALM™ CBD 75mg – Small Size Dog & Cat Formula – $29.99  
  • KING KALM™ CBD 300mg – Large Size Pet & Dog Formula -$74.99
  • KING KOMB™ – Deshedding tool -$24.99
  • KING KALM™ Crunch – Blueberry – $34.99
  • KING KALM™ CBD Mange & Mite Management Spray – $19.99
  • KING KLEAN™ In Between Bath (Pet Odor Eliminator) Spray – $13.99
  • KING KALM™ Balm – Dog Paw Balm – $16.99
  • KING KLEAN™ Natural Dog Shampoo – $17.99

The Ingredients Of King Kanine Pet CBD Oil

King Kanine Pet CBD products are made using ingredients sourced in the US. These are grown within the country and quality tested. The major King Kanine ingredients are:

???? Cannabis Sativa

This is the primary ingredient of King Kanine Pet CBD oil. Cannabidiol is extracted from this species of the marijuana plant. It also contains THC, which is a well known psychotropic substance.

However, CBD coming from the same plant has no such effect. It helps revitalize your pet’s body, improving their physiological and cognitive functions. It helps improve your dog’s mood, and heart health, among others. 

???? Krill Oil

Krill oil has so many benefits for your dog. It helps improve and protect its cardiovascular system. Omega-3 fatty acids found in Krill oil promote healthy liver and kidney functions too.

Krill oil is known to promote a healthy digestive system. This results in healthy joints, a shiny coat, and a happy mood for your dog.

???? Copaiba Oil

Found in the tropical regions of the American continent, this plant has so many health benefits for your dog. It helps improve its cardiovascular health, strengthening heart and vessel walls.

It promotes the digestive health, immunity, and respiratory health of your dog. It also helps maintain the health of your dog’s urinary system.

???? Oats

Crunchy oats are contained in the King Kalm Crunch honey oats. This is an ingredient that promoted digestive health and good bowel movements. Besides, oats are a staple source of nutrients and minerals essential for the better health of your pet. 

???? Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a major herb that is known to promote skin health and brainpower in both humans as well as animals.

Known to help maintain a great looking hairline in humans, this herb stops any excessive fur shedding in your dog. 

???? Chamomile

This plant is useful in treating eye-related and skin issues. It helps soothe abrasion and itching. Chamomile can easily calm down your stressed or anxious doggie. 

What benefits can you expect? 

A regular intake of CBD helps treat many complications in your dog. It helps treat many illnesses that threaten the life of your dog. Some of these King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Benefits are given below. 

  • Help reduce anxiety and stress for your dog
  • Manages your dog’s moderate to severe pains.
  • Prevents chronic inflammation
  • Help your dog avoid epileptic seizures
  • Treat digestive problems in your dog
  • Help them with arthritis and joint pain
  • Assists with the symptoms of cancer
  • Helps treat nausea in dogs

There are many more benefits that your dog stands to gain with the use of this line of products. Due to limited space, I could only list a few, but you can learn more on their website.

Side effects, Dosage & How to use King Kanine Pet CBD Oil?

As we already saw, all ingredients of King Kanine Pet CBD oil are sourced from trusted growers. These are tested for the presence of harmful chemicals before being processed in an FDA certified, Good Manufacturing Practices facility.

The products are third-party tested and proven beneficial for your dog. Hence, there is no King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Side-effects.

Is King Kanine Pet CBD Oil a magic oil? 

No. Although King Kanine Pet CBD Oil products can easily help treat and prevent many debilitating ailments for your dog, it is not a magic oil.

The CBD contained in these products is known to help better the life quality of your pets. But you need to consistently give your pet these products to see lasting health benefits. 

How long will King Kanine Pet CBD Oil take to see the result? 

You should use these products for a minimum of 2-3 months. This is to let the CBD extract and other ingredients work on your pet’s body to give it better health.

Regular use guarantees that you will see the health benefits of your pet for at least 1-2 years. You can maintain these great health conditions by continuously paying attention to your dog’s health, diet, and living conditions

King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Customer Reviews

Where to get King Kanine Pet CBD Oil?

You can buy King Kanine Pet CBD Oil products only on the official website. Currently, there are no other stores, online or offline, offering these products. You might come across imitations but pray practice caution. Buy only on the official website to avoid such disappointments. Also, you get their 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as discounted prices on the official website. 

Product Complaints and customer reviews 

Our search through King Kanine Pet CBD Oil reviews turned up no complaints of this brand. Most pet owners are happy with the improvements they see in their companions with the use of this product. 

Is King Kanine Pet CBD Oil legit?

King Kanine is a reputed name in the CBD industry and their pet-friendly products are tested and safe, according to most reviews.

The health benefits for your dog that most users list out are unending. This results in a happier, comfortable life for your pet or companion, as promised by the brand. Hence, this is a legitimate brand.

Final Verdict – King Kanine Pet CBD Oil Reviews

There are so many benefits that King Kanine Pet CBD Oil offers to your doggie or your pet. It helps improve many aspects of your dog’s health.

From their internal organs to their bones and their brains, this range of products is beneficial for them in all areas. These are tested and proven products that are safe for your dog’s consumption. 

Just as in the case of a human health supplement, the ingredients go through rigorous quality measures in an FDA certified facility. This ensures that there are no complaints or side-effects to the use of King Kanine Pet CBD Oil. 

We believe you can trust this brand of products based on its positive feedback. Give this a try if you are looking to help your dog or pet with a life-threatening ailment or just want something to improve their overall health. 

This could be the one risk-free investment that pet owners can make without thinking twice. 

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