L. A To Restrict Unvaccinated People From Attending Indoor Spaces

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : October 8, 2021

In Los Angeles, soon shops, restaurants, and malls will not allow unvaccinated people. One of the strictest mandates was approved by the Los Angeles City council. Starting from fourth November, to enter indoor businesses and facilities people will need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Supporting the vaccine mandates, Mayor Eric Garcetti said that he does not want to bury another police officer, city employee, or firefighter.

L. A To Restrict Unvaccinated People From Attending Indoor Spaces

After coming into effect it will require people above 12 years of age to show proof of their vaccination before entering restaurants, movie theatres, shopping centers, bars, city facilities, museums, sports arenas, and other locales. Those who did not get vaccinated because of religious and medical reasons will have to show proof of being COVID-19 negative.

L. A To Restrict Unvaccinated People From Attending Indoor Spaces

Los Angeles does not have strict vaccination rules but still enjoys a 69% vaccination rate. The city council wanted to ensure safety in the surge of the delta variant. Last winter the country’s most loved city experienced a dramatic surge of infections leading to high deaths and hospitalizations.

The government is all set to spend $1 billion to buy rapid home tests. The White House response coordinator of COVID-19, Jeff Zeints said that they have secured a commitment of buying 200 million home tests.

These tests will be inexpensive. Although they might not be as accurate as PCR tests, they will at least let people know if they have contracted the virus, especially in places with high surges.

Biden administration announced in September that they would spend $2 billion to buy 280 million test kits of COVID-19 to supply to jails, care facilities, homeless shelters, and shelters for vulnerable people.

According to a report of the American Academy of Pediatrics on Monday, children account for only 22% of the total US population but their coronavirus cases have reached up to 27% of total COVID-19 cases in the country. The organization added that the number of kids getting the vaccine shots is quite low.

The AAP said that children account for less than 1% of death caused by COVID-19 but there is not much information available about the long-term effects of it on them. Since the onset of the pandemic, more than 5.9 kids have contracted COVID-19, among which less than half have been vaccinated.

As parents and children are still overwhelmed by coronavirus cases, a new Academic year is underway. In many places, remote learning has returned. Harvard University’s professor, Paul Reville said that the virus has made inequities worse and schools have seen adaptations that we all were unwilling to accept.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, a program introduced by Governor Doug Ducey rewards schools that do not impose mandates related to COVID-19. Federal officials say that this program violates federal rules.

Ducey has been given 30 days to remediate the problem. According to Adewale “Wally” O. Adeyemo, the Deputy Secretary, The penalty of not adhering will be repaying the dollars they got under American Rescue Plan.

Andrew Wiggins, the Golden State Warriors face of resistance to vaccines in the world of sports said that he was forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine. He did not want to get the vaccine and risked losing a $31.5 million fee.

The Warriors in San Francisco play home games And mandates are introduced that people about 12 years of age must be vaccinated if they want to attend indoor events. He said that he had two options- to get vaccinated or lose the game.

According to the data from Johns Hopkins University, America has witnessed more than 43 million COVID-19 cases with 705,000 or more deaths.

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