Lead Conversion System 2 Review – 3 Days Business Masterclass Any Good?

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : September 11, 2020

Gone are the days where propagating business and pursuing leads for it was done offline. In this age, technology can make or break your business. As online business owners and digital marketers, you must have by now tried quite a few tricks and followed lead generation programs hoping to get a conversion of your likeliness.

Lead Conversion System 2 Review – Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely’s Training Analysed

Being a business owner myself, I know how overwhelming the process can be. More so, when they don’t reap the results that are promised in the beginning. This Lead Conversion System 2 review is for all of you looking for a legit strategy for your website to get the much-needed conversion boost.

Don’t worry if all this sounds alien to you. I have structured my Lead Conversion 2 review to be understandable even to someone that’s new to all these programs. But first – some groundwork.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process of attracting potential clients(who are also referred to as leads). This can be done in multiple ways. The most common methods are through a blog post, setting up an event, flyer deals, giving out coupons, discounts, and deals. Basically, it is anything that you can do to catch your potential customers’ attention.

Lead Conversion

This process follows lead generation. Once you have caught the interest of your potential customer, the next most important action is to ensure you convert those leads into being a customer. You know your lead conversion strategy has worked when you’ve converted a portion of your leads into your paying clients.

Lead Conversion Rate

This is the number that best describes how well your lead conversion strategy has fared. It’s the percentage of leads that were successfully converted into paying customers.

Lead Conversion System 2 review


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What is the Lead Conversion System 2?

Now that you have an idea of the basic terminology, let’s dig deeper into the topic at hand. Lead Conversion System 2 or the Lead Conversion System 2 is a system that helps business owners to turn their Lead Generations into Lead Conversions effortlessly. Continue to read this Lead Conversion System review to understand how this program is different from its counterparts and save 1000s of dollars in the process.

Features of Lead Conversion System 2

  • A White-labelled CRM Software

This software is tailored to fit the needs of every online business. It features some very innovative steps within the program to ensure you are delivered nothing but the best.

Managing leads is made easy by features like automated follow-up with a lead, following up over text messages, sales pipelined with the company agenda. And it does not stop with just that. This CRM tool even helps you get a reseller license!

  • Proven High Lead Conversion

With the onset of social media, a website’s sign up page is it’s Business Card. It’s a lead magnet you’d want to hold on to. LCS 2 allows the user to customize their sign-up page as per their social branding mock-up.

Not only that, but you can also customize it for each of your prospective customers. The program allows the business to leave behind a personalized video for every new lead on their webpage.

  • A constant influx of leads assured

The program promises to garner you at least 1000 leads per month with its Virtual Assistant that is trained in generating leads.

How Does Lead Conversion System 2 Work?

Lead Conversion System 2 is an online program. It’s a one-stop destination for digital marketers looking to add value to their business. This training emphasizes on having a single system for both – acquiring a sizable amount of leads and to achieve maximum lead conversion.

So how exactly does LCS2 work? Well, it all starts with you joining the program. This follows with a team of experts guiding you through a set of steps you need to follow in order to generate high-quality leads with sweating it out over buying ads and spending much of your investment. Lead Conversion System 2 is a tool that makes this process seamless for business owners.

You begin with an understanding that setting up a comprehensive system to generate high-quality leads is almost effortless. It becomes a cakewalk when you understand your customers’ needs and build on that. The experts at Lead Conversion System 2 train you to do this with minimal effort and as effectively as possible. In the course of the 7 days of the training, you are groomed with skills and are explained various complex business strategies with absolute ease. They explore the various avenues that you need to look at when approaching prospective clients for your business.

You can always revisit these training to get a fresher perspective or to simply brush up on certain skills. The training comes with a few exquisite takeaways that are hard to deny. It’s this masterclass that comes along with the program that sets it apart from other lead generation systems.

About Lead Conversion System 2 Creator

Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely are the creators of Lead Conversion System 2. Daven is backed by 30 years of experience in the business. He has also authored the New York Time’s bestseller – ‘Outsource Smart’. Daven is a proven expert in the field of Digital Marketing.

It’s hard to not heed to the advice of a successful businessman whose company ‘123Employee’ is currently one of the biggest BPO in the Philippines. Daven adds his successful business strategies to LCS2 to help young entrepreneurs like you to learn from his mistakes and build a successful empire efficiently.

Like Daven, his partner Chad has also rum businesses for a very long time. He is also known for his online coaching classes. Chad is the creator and President of ‘Eversuite’. He has tried his hands on innumerable businesses and has been a part of the Digital Marketing world ever since 1999. He is known to have created the Lead Conversion System as an extension of ‘Eversuite’ in order to generate and convert leads effectively through a unified system.

Pros and Cons of Lead Conversion System 2 System


  • The system showed a conversion rate of 32% when it was internally launched.
  • Provide a unique system that unifies the process of Lead Generation and Lead Conversion.
  • Involves very little effort from the business owner.
  • The software comes with a 7-day masterclass that helps you to use the system to it’s the best potential.
  • Comes with a pre-trained virtual assistant that does all the follow-through for your business.
  • The advantage of getting a license to resell comes as a part of the software package.


  • Isn’t released yet.
  • No clarity regarding its pricing.


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Why Should You Try the Lead Conversion System 2?

Lead Conversion System 2 is set to launch in September 2020, but the partners that were part of the internal launch at full of praise for it. With a proven record of a 32% conversion rate, this software is set to trailblaze the Digital Marketing world. If you are a business owner or a digital marketeer waiting to redeem yourself, this is your chance. Learn from the leaders, follow the strategies they used to build the numerous profitable business they have built over the years.

Is Lead Conversions System 2 Legit?

From the looks of it, this seems like a fairly legit system that actually works. With an impressive internal launch conversion rate and a comprehensive guide to use the software, Lead Conversions System Square have already set themselves apart from their counterparts. The software comes with a virtual assistant that is pre-trained and is ready to work for your business on the queue. Another advantage of owning this program is the masterclass that comes along with it.

This 7 days program walks you through the process step by step to use it to it’s best attainable potential. No bogus software would go through these pains to make the user comfortable with the system if it never worked. That in itself is proof enough that LCS2 is a valid solution to all your lead conversion woes.

Lead Conversion System 2 Price & Plans

The program has not launched yet, and it’s not possible to tell the price yet. Be sure to revisit this space once the program has launched in the market. I would be glad to fill you in on all the necessary details about the plan and pricing that they offer. I do believe that the program will be reasonably priced in order to make it attainable for all business classes.

LCS2 Review Conclusion

Here’s what I personally think of the program. With a proven conversion rate of 32% and being backed by two successful entrepreneurs, LCS2 does have a lot to offer. I am stoked to know that not only does the software unifies the entire system of Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and follow through – it also simplifies. And to add to it, it also comes with a 7-day masterclass where the experts guide you to use the system.

As a digital marketer and business owner myself, I believe that Lead Conversion System 2 will add value to my business by not only easing my effort in achieving that high conversion rate but also in gaining knowledge on subjects like surveys, applications, follow-ups, tags, and a lot more. I think every business owner – new and old – should take up this program and lead their business to ride a success.


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