Less Bullying For Kids With Controlled Asthma

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : December 9, 2021

Kids with asthma are often picked out by bullies as they target those who are ‘different’ from everyone else. 

Kids can be cruel.

Less Bullying For Kids With Controlled Asthma

A new study has suggested that controlling asthma tightly keeps prevents excessive bullying.

Due to their asthmatic condition, 1 out of every 10 children has said that they are harassed for it.

Dr. Will Carroll, the author of the study said that children who have their asthma under control are less likely to end up with asthma attacks or end up in a hospital. Being bullied just a little bit lesser can act as an added perk.

He said that significant, long-term consequences can be experienced due to bullying and teasing and that we should all help in preventing it.

950 kids from 6 countries were interviewed and analyzed for the purpose of this study. Parents were asked whether they were worried about the kid’s mental health and the children were asked whether they were bullied or teased for having the condition.

The kids’ asthma was also assessed by the researchers by the usage of various scoring methods.

The findings of the study showed that the likeliness of children reporting being teased or bullied for their condition was halved when the symptoms were controlled well in comparison to those who did not control it well.

Among those who described their asthma to be bad, the reporting of bullying or teasing related to asthma was also 3 times more likely.

Sitting out of events, as a result of prior bullying or fear of getting bullied due to asthma, was more than 70% likely to be reported by kids. These kids were also much more likely to report that their folks were worried about their mental health.

Carroll said to these kids that they were not alone. He also told them that while bullying and teasing about asthma may be common, it is definitely not right. He insisted that they should tell their parents, teachers, or asthma doctor.

He said that preventing flares and getting better control over asthma are very important. He also noted that an important role is played by parents.

He added that a child must be informed on how to use the preventive inhaler and should be asked about how their asthma affects them. He said that one might find this surprising.

Avoiding any known triggers, using rescue inhalers that open airways, and taking medication as directed are involved in the treatment of asthma.

Archives of Disease in Childhood recently published the study online.

Linda Herbert said that the findings mirrored whatever she saw and heard in her practice.

She added that bullies pick on a few medical illnesses like allergies and asthma especially, as they appear to make the child seem different. She had no involvement in the study.

She said that kids must be told that this is not okay. Anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem are a few of the risk factors for those who are bullied.

It is also less likely that they will do things that they are required to do in order to stay healthy and fit.

One of the ways to prevent bullying from happening frequently is keeping parents and adults in the loop about whatever is happening at school.

She added that kids with asthma can be greatly helped by just a little bit of troubleshooting.

She said that some things can be modified so that kids can participate while not seeming different and even participating fully.

An example she gave was the usage of medication in a nurse’s office just before gym class so that asthma attacks are not triggered immediately.

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