Lockdown To Be Imposed Again

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : November 14, 2020

Since COVID-19 cases continue to increase across the country in hospitalizations and death, some states stop phase-in efforts to reopen or enact new coronavirus limits. Many set social restrictions, add states to the quarantine travel lists, command facial masks and urge people to stay at home, like many in the spring. Others cut trading hours and the capability of restaurants.

Lockdown to be imposed again

Thirty-four states – in addition to those of the Columbia District and Puerto Rico – are now seeking general wear of facial covers, according to the AARP list. Ohio’s governor reissued the decree with fresh sanctions this week, Maine increased his mandate. On Saturday, more coronavirus caps were declared for governors of New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and western Virginia.

According to the Anchorage daily news, the Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy released an emergency warning on November 12 and requested the Alaskans to take action to slow spread over the coming three weeks. Alaska has no statewide mask command. Republican Gov. Doug Ducey shared a Twitter November 10 video encouraging mask wear, hand-washing, physical elimination, and nausea. “They are easy measures, and they can make a difference as we have learned,” he said. “I don’t emphasize this enough.

Ducey, in his briefing on October 29 of COVID-19, said Arizonans had “need to stay on watch” but did not announce new protective measures but instead pointed to current strategies such as limitations on restaurant capacity. Arizona has no statewide mask order; however, in some conditions, face coverings are required.

The hospitalizations of Arkansas COVID-19 have again this week reached a record level, but Governor Asa Hutchinson did not put any new limits on companies or meetings. The Governor of the Republic said several instances of the state come from smaller homes meetings and cannot be controlled.

The state reinstated its four-tier reopening schedule this week in 11 counties. Three of them – Stanislaus, San Diego and Sacramento – shift to a low floor, where restaurants or indoor church services are not needed indoor dining. San Francisco has moved to stop indoor eating in restaurants as it was one of the lowest rates of infection amongst the state’s cities. Ned Lamont has been rolling back the reopening plans of Connecticut that week at 10 p.m. Last week. Restaurants, venues like cinema centres or bowling alleys and open-air activities are the closing day. The last service in restaurant restaurants is 9:30 p.m., but they can be taken and shipped. For indoor dining, at 5 a.m. diners working 24 hours will typically reopen.

The Correction Department suspends personal inmate meetings and releases from jobs, as COVID-19 incidents surge across Delaware and breach probation facilities. When asked about the prospect of new regulations, Gov. John Carney’s spokesperson, Jonathan Starkey, said that the Democratic Governor would consider introducing new restrictions “where possible to decrease the spread of disease, based on the advice of public health experts.” This week, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp twisted that the prevention steps to avoid the spread of COVID-19 are now more critical than ever for all Georgians to double down.”

Dr Kathleen Toomey, the state’s Public Health Officer, encouraged all to wear gloves, distances and a flu shot in a video clip. The state-wide mask mandate does not apply to Georgia.  October 26, the state-wide public health order was signed by Republican Gov. Brad Little, who pushed Idaho back to a revamped stage 3 which restricted indoor meetings to 50%, outdoor sessions to 25%, and which involve the use of masks on the long term.

On November 11, the Illinois Ministry of Public Health started urging people to take additional treatment over the next 3 weeks in the midst of a rise in COVID-19 cases. These ideas include: work from home, engagement in core events and restriction on transport and meetings. “Stay home as long as possible during the next three weeks, leaving only for important and required tasks, including the job outside the home, COVID-19 checking, the pharmacy visit, and the purchasing of food,” the department said in a press release on November 11. “Our goal is for our companies and schools to limit transmission whilst on holiday.”

After seven weeks of coronavirus and hospitalization that went above the spring thresholds, Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb pushed the state away from reopening stage five on November 11. For the most part of the state, Holcomb imposed restrictions on social assemblies and school activities and has supported municipal councils with $20 million to help ensure that corporations conform to the mask and social distance standards.

“Of course so many of us have let our defences down, and all over the world,” Holcomb said. Step 5 has been translated or obtained by many as: ‘We are past it we’re at the final stage, and nothing else we need to do.” “Phase 5 has been forgotten to people or misinterpreted.’

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