Long Covid Symptoms May Be Due To Nerve Damage

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 4, 2022

Many people suffer from Covid symptoms for more than a few months, and it can cause a lot of problems in everyday life. Such patients experience the symptoms for many months even after recovering from the covid infection. The common symptoms of long covid include faintness, shortness of breath, and general weakness in muscles. Not only that, but patients also complain about cognitive issues and rapid heart rate in some cases.

Long Covid Symptoms May Be Due To Nerve Damage

A new study has shown that nerve damage caused by the dysfunction of the immune system during covid infection may be the reason for this problem. In most of the patients who suffered from long covid, symptoms of nerve damage were evident, and this caused various health problems. Some of the common symptoms included pain in the body and general weakness due to the infection.

Long Covid Symptoms May Be Due To Nerve Damage

The peripheral nerve fibers get damaged in some cases during covid infection, and this leads to neuropathy conditions. The researchers are still working towards understanding the different types of neuropathy problems that get triggered in long covid patients.

The immune system works hard to ward off covid infection, which can go off track in some cases. In this situation, the immune dysfunction damages some nerves in a big way. The damage can be long-lasting, and patients suffer from various complications due to such damage.

However, according to experts, providing proper neuropathy treatment can improve the overall condition of such patients. This study has highlighted the link between long-term nerve damage and covid symptoms that last for a long duration. It is interesting to note that only a few people suffer from long covid while most of the patients get back to normal health within a few weeks after the infection.

Patients need to be careful about symptoms of long covid as this can affect even those people who have a mild infection. In some cases, even patients who were admitted to hospitals recover easily within a few weeks after the infection.

On the other hand, people affected with only mild symptoms suffer from long covid in few cases. It is not even diagnosed properly in many people as most people who had only mild infections do not consider it seriously, and they do not understand the reason for their weakness. Only a detailed examination by a physician can reveal the true nature of long covid symptoms in such patients.

There is no need to worry about this condition as it can be treated effectively with proper medication. Even though there is no specific treatment for this problem, physicians treat this based on the symptoms displayed by the patients. As of now, the exact cause for long covid is not known, and it is still mysterious as to why only a few people are prone to such symptoms.

Even youngsters and otherwise healthy people without any co-morbid conditions can develop long covid, and this has surprised many doctors around the world. In most cases, long covid is not diagnosed properly as people are not clear about the reasons for general weakness after the infection. As the symptoms last for many months, most people do not associate the symptoms with covid infection. For this reason, it is important to watch out for such symptoms for many weeks after the infection.

In this way, it becomes easier to treat the symptoms in the early stages. This can be easily handled with a proper diet and regular exercise in most cases. When the body gets sufficient nutrition, symptoms of weakness can be reduced to a large extent. Apart from that, exercise also improves the overall health of the patient and avoids complications related to covid infection.

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