There Is No Longer Any Coronavirus Restriction In England!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 25, 2022

The restrictions imposed by several nations due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic have not only disrupted the economies of these nations but added to the frustration and anger of all classes of society, including children. 

There Is No Longer Any Coronavirus Restriction In England!

Universal masking even in indoor settings, maintaining social distancing, bans on both domestic and international travel, closure of many offices and leisure places, virtual classrooms for students, were among some of the restrictions put up in countries to prevent the coronavirus infection and its spread.  According to experts, the world has seen many variants of the coronavirus, and many are yet to come.

There Is No Longer Any Coronavirus Restriction In England

In such situations, living with Covid while maintaining necessary precautions is the only option left for the people.  With more and more people getting vaccinated and boosted, with the decline in cases, many countries are on the verge of opening up and many have already opened up.

Mask mandates have been totally lifted off in many places, though others are still following it.  Carrying vaccine passports or negative test reports, quarantine rules, etc.  Many countries have even removed the prevailing restrictions on international travel.  Restaurants, hotels, pubs, nightclubs have begun to remain fully functional.

Countries like England have also planned to lift off the remaining restrictions, owing to the high vaccination, low death rates in the past few days over the country, and the weaker omicron strain. 

These restrictions will include lifting off self-isolation for Covid-19 positive patients and routine tracing of contacts of infected people.  However, people who tested positive are recommended to stay at home to stop the spread of the infection to others.

Children and school staff need not now undergo twice-weekly testing, as was mandated previously.  Easing off of restrictions also means free PCR tests and free rapid virus test kits will no longer be provided by the government, the exception being the elderly and immunocompromised who will still remain eligible for free testing.

People are required to buy such test kits from retailers or pharmacies or online.  Covid Security laws will be implemented at workplaces. People will no longer require to provide Covid status certificates and proof of vaccinations.

According to Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the lifting of restrictions is the result of the unified efforts of all over the past two years.  He added that it now remains the personal responsibility of people to be vigilant and be protected.  He warned the people that Queen Elizabeth being tested positive is a reminder of the fact that coronavirus is not gone yet.

While this comes as a sigh of relief for many people staying in England, the ending of free testing and end of sick pay provisions in the coming months would be an increased burden on the poor citizens, who would be forced to work even if they are ill or have symptoms.

The prime minister’s decision has been widely criticized by many.  According to them, it is a decision made too soon. According to some experts, the infection rates still being higher, the easing of all restrictions could have potentially dangerous outcomes including a multifold increase in infections.  Some scientists also warn that scraping off of all restrictions would weaken the country’s ability to fight against future infections.

With risks of newer variants emerging anytime soon, risks of coronavirus still prevalent, winter season, the UK Government continues to request unvaccinated children and adults to get vaccinated.  The elderly and immunocompromised population remain eligible in the coming months for an additional second booster dose. 

People should themselves take the responsibility of protecting themselves and their loved ones from the infections, get tested if they have symptoms or have come in contact with someone who has had infections.

Nikki Attkisson

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