Manhunt Leads To The Arrest Of Two!

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : March 2, 2021

Police have arrested two men after a manhunt that left the Deputy in critical condition. The preliminary report shows that the men shot the Deputy while on a pursuit on Saturday. It started in Seminole County. The Deputy was trying to conduct a traffic stop for reckless driving. The two men were driving in a pickup truck with a Florida tag. The men refused to stop and fired a weapon at the officer. He returned the fire. Deputies of Decatur County continued the pursuit afterward.

Manhunt Leads To The Arrest Of Two!

The men tried to drive home and gain entry shooting. He left when the homeowner returned the fire.

A Decatur County arrived at the scene. One among the two men shot at him. They took the Deputy to a local hospital. He underwent surgery and is now in serious condition.

Manhunt Leads To The Arrest Of Two!

The suspects drove away from the scene. At length, they abandoned the truck in a wooded place. The State Patrol helicopter and its crew joined the manhunt. The police took into custody one of the suspects, identified as Brad Phillips, aged 41. He didn’t try to resist the arrest. He is charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer. They could also arrest the second suspect. He is Troy Arthur Phillips. He is in police custody at present.

Are you a young driver fearing this situation? If yes, the following tips will definitely help:

  1. Set aside lots of time to drive to your destination

Arrests due to reckless driving happen mostly due to violations of the rules and regulations with regard to the speed limit. 

  1. Wear your contact lens or glass

Lack of visibility often leads to arrests or even accidents. If your doctor has prescribed a contact lens, do not ever ignore it.

  1. Refrain from road-raging

Refrain from shouting or pointing fingers at other drivers. Learn to maintain your cool even under stress. This will help you avoid mistakes that may result in any unwanted incident.

  1. Be in the present

Be mindful of your surroundings. Keep an eye on the cars that parked near you. Doing this itself will minimize the instances of arrests or accidents due to reckless driving.

  1. Always maintain a safe distance.

Being extremely cautious on the road alone will not protect you from charges of reckless driving or accidents. Always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. If someone breaks into your line without you noticing it, you will have space to move away.

  1. Do not every drive distracted.

Make sure that there are no distractions while driving. Avoid using your phone or listening to music. There were more than 210 accidents due to distracted driving in 2010.

  1. Don’t violate traffic rules.

Don’t ignore traffic signals. Refrain from driving without a seatbelt. Remember, laws are there for you, not against you. They are there to protect lives.

You should also keep your hands in the proper position on the steering. This is a must to stay safe when driving.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Do not ever drive after having an alcoholic beverage. You may feel fine. Still, it is better to stay on a safer road. Alcohol may affect your ability to judge things. And you may end up killed or in the custody of the police.

Finally, have a good lawyer at your side. Even with your best efforts, you may end up being at the wrong end of an accident or for the law. Having a good lawyer will help you establish your innocence. And you will avoid both humiliation and loss of money.

Stay safe on the road; avoid arrest, petty cases or being killed.

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