Many Emergencies Except The Covid-19 Have Ended In California

Nikki Attkisson | Last Updated : February 28, 2022

The state of California had been facing emergencies in the state for years now. On Friday the government agency of the state announced that some of the emergencies have been brought to an end. According To the revelations, there were 12 state emergencies in the state which were declared closed by the governor of California Gavin Newsom.

Many Emergencies Except The Covid-19 Have Ended In California

Some of the incidents for waste emergencies were given before his appointment as the governor. The thing that felt out of place was that everyone expected the COVID-19 pandemic would also be ended. Still against the situations where the local government body let the COVID-19 emergency stay intact till further notice which led to the citizens getting angered.

Many Emergencies Except The Covid-19 Have Ended In California

Astonishingly Newson after being brought into the government body has issued 561 orders after the COVID 19 situation. Some of them were the ones that were general and the others were relatively smaller yet equally impactful.

Though he tried to lift all restrictions, there was an appraisal of the omicron variant, which prevented people from earning as the stay-at-home policy was extended. People have been very openly critical about some of Newson’s decisions From the point of view of 40,000,000 people.

Some of the emergencies which were removed are one which implied the heatwaves, forest fire, oil spill, and the unforgettable and hurting murder of George Floyd along with civil unrest caused due to it.

There are many states which finalized all the restrictions in those States and hence many people are confused on why the state of California didn’t have any decisions regarding this pandemic situation.

The Republican member of assembly Mr. Kevin Kiley has openly criticized nuisance weaknesses. He questioned that after the 2 long years of restriction, was there any need for the situations not getting back to normal and then setting back the pandemic situation again. Setting up the pandemic situation was not the problem in this case according to Mr. Kevin things have been stretched too far because the COVID-19 pandemic seems far gone now.

Other states which stopped following the rules had been given permission from the government to make the decisions as they wanted according to the situation in this particular state. This situation brought an end to the emergency declaration which supported different reasons but not the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

In 2015 governor Jerry Brown activated an emergency for a tree-killing virus that spread back then. From 2015 till the time of gone nuisance start appointment that about 82 such emergencies were reported. However, he signed many orders in order to free 70 declarations. 

Obviously, people can get angry but there is another side to it which can be said that, since the covid-19 virus is not fully vanished and It can’t be vanished fully, therefore, for the time being, it’s not that easy for everyone to allow a no pandemic announcement. Relaxation is there but some restrictions are also there so that things get balanced and social unrest is not created. 

Moreover, the government has given the hand to the local governments to look after the guidelines to be followed and that is what is to be done regarding the lesser pandemic situation. Things are being controlled till the last moment to change the pandemic into an epidemic as there is no cure to destroy the virus. The vaccine just boosts your immunity against the virus and helps you to fight it. With a little more patience we can actually get the necessary relief from restrictions in your lives. 

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